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Every Wednesday The Latina Book Club features an excerpt from  an exciting new book written by a Latino author or for a Latino audience. This week we are highlighting WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS by Anna-Marie McLemore.  It’s about a magical girl, a transgender boy and four witches out to destroy them. Happy Reading.  Read Latino. EXCERPT WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS Anna-Marie McLemore Thomas Dunne Books As f a r a s h e k n e w , s h e ha d com e f r o m th e w a t e r . B u t e v en a bo u t th a t , h e c o u l d n ’ t b e s ur e . I t d i d n ’ t m a t t e r h o w m a n y n i g h ts t h e y ’ d m et o n t h e u n t i l l ed l a n d b e t w e e n their h o u s e s ; the l as t f a r m d i d n ’t r o t a te i t s cr o p s, and s tr i p p e d th e s oi l u n t i l n o th i n g b u t w i l d g r a s se s w o u l d g r o w . I t d i d n ’ t m a t t e r h o w man y s to r i e s he an d M i e l ha


          Love is love is love. February is the month of love, of magic, of fairy tales so of course we had to find a book that included all those qualities for our Book of the Month, and we found it.  WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS (Thomas Dunne Books) is full of magic, fairies and witches, full of love and betrayal.  We picked this novel because the prose is beautiful and evocative, and magic blooms in every page. And, the dedication by author  Anna-Marie McLemore will capture the heart of every reader. To the boys who get called girls, To girls who get called boys, And those who live outside these words. To those called names, And those searching for names of their own, To those who live on the edges, And in the spaces in between. I wish for your every light in the sky. WHEN THE MOON IS OURS is a love story between a magical girl and a transgender boy. Their secrets are choking them and keeping them from being true to themselves. And, it is only when


The Latina Book Club welcomes Sarah Rafael Garcia and thanks her for sharing with us an excerpt  from her exciting bilingual collection, SanTana’s Fairy Tales. "Zoraida & Marisol" is one of six stories from the forthcoming bilingual collection titled  SanTana's Fairy Tales written and edited by Sarah Rafael Garcia. The bilingual zines featuring one story a month through March 2017. This story was inspired by the life of transactivist Zoraida Reyes, and all profits for this zine are donated to Transgenero En Accion/Transgender in Action (TEA) in Santa Ana, California. More about the collection below. Excerpt from "Zoraida & Marisol:” I was inspiring so you kept saying when you spoke of me. But now, I appear in reflections, cupped hands and wishes. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to twirl my long hair between china-red fingertips and blush when I cupped my breasts in front of the standing mirror. I wanted a man to caress