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  The Latina Book Club is proud to announce its 2nd Annual Books of the Year list . Our list contains some memoirs, some fiction, some children's books, some collections of poems and more.   Most of the books on our list are written by Latino authors, the ones that are not contain Latino characters of worthy note--all are fun reads.   The Latina Book Club wishes you Happy Reading and a Happy New Year! ---mcf BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2014 (in alphabetical order by title) A CUP OF WATER UNDER MY BED by Daisy Hernandez CHASING THE SUN by Natalia Sylvester CHOPPER! CHOPPER! POETRY FROM BORDERED LIVES by Verónica Reyes DESEO DE UNA NOCHE by Alonso Cueto (Spanish) DLEE'S WORLD by Diana Lee Santamaria EVERY HIDDEN FEAR by Linda Rodriguez HANDBOOK FOR AN UNPREDICTABLE LIFE: HOW I SURVIVED SISTER RENATA AND MY CRAZY MOTHER AND STILL CAME OUT SMILING (WITH GREAT HAIR) by Rosie Perez HUNTING SEASON: IMMIGRATION AND MURDER IN AN ALL-AMERICAN TOWN by Mirta Ojito


     I enjoy being a pin-up model as a side gig.   I love to indulge myself in wearing kick ass wiggle dresses, bustiers, and some awesome “fuck me shoes.”   What can I say; sometimes I have over the top girly moments. ---Nina     Available Now! C.Michelle has given her fans a great Christmas two of her sexy Pinned Up trilogy, PINNED DOWN.   We get more Nina, more Josh and more Kade.   Readers: be prepared for more sex, more twists, more of everything.   These relationships and friendships will never be the same!   And, I don't know about you but I hate waiting a full year for the next book in any series.   Luckily, we won't have to here.   PIN ME, the third and final book in the trilogy will be out on March 17, 2015.   That's St. Patrick's day so I'm planning a beer and reading fest.   Everyone is invited!   Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! --mcf     Read our review of PINNED UP by clicking here .  


           " Maybe it was necessary, this shedding of the old ways with each generation. He had abandoned so much of what defined his mother...But lately, he'd begun to wonder if he'd abandoned too much.  He felt like there was a box inside of him that had been locked away for so long, he'd forgotten where he'd put the key.  There were things he treasured in that box: the sultry music of his childhood, the playfulness and sensuality of his culture.  He longed to open himself up to these things again ." --Jimmy Vega The Latina Book Club is happy to promote books by non-Latinos with great Latino characters.  LAND OF CAREFUL SHADOWS by Suzanne Chazin is such a book.   The premise for this book could have been “ripped from today’s headlines.”  It’s riveting, suspenseful, tragic, hopeful, with realistic settings, authentic voices, continuous action and enough twists and turns to keep readers up all night.  (I was!) SUMMARY:   Jimmy Vega is a


  The Latina Book Club is pleased to welcome children's author Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor.   Yadhira is a Native New Yorker, born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents. She served in the US Army Reserves, was an Assistant District Attorney, and is now an adjunct professor at a community college.   She was inspired to become a writer by her three daughters and her parent's homeland, Borinquen bella. Q:   Yadhira, you are a lawyer by day and an author by night.  What attracted you to writing? Why children’s books? There is a great deal of writing that takes place in a lawyer’s working life. However, the writing is often dry and lacks passion depending on the area of law practiced. L awyers write legal memoranda, briefs for appeals, complaints, and more. These writings are serious in nature and leave very little room for creativity.   Legal writing has been part of my daily professional life since 2002. Reading documents also forms a large part of my day to day work experien

BOOK OF THE MONTH: NUNO by Carlos Aleman (and Giveaway!)

    Fans of Carlos Aleman are in for a Holiday Treat!   We are giving away autographed copies of NUNO to three lucky readers.   Just leave a comment below or Retweet our social post.   Good luck!--mcf         Aignos Publishing, Dec 2014      Woman is the only hope for this world, a world that is long-suffering, patient, kind, forgiving, peaceful and loving. What a gift a woman is, absolute proof that God loves us.   But foolish man can't appreciate this because of the ego.--Bernando Bolocco       An ancient river of fallen tears and solitude brings my soul to you. Our two lips touch like fresh and salt water meeting. There is a deep and mysterious power in you. In our dreams or in the spirit world, somewhere between the manifested and unmanifested, there is something that is woven. It is our story. Brief but perfect, it devours all of existence. My love, my love, my love for you. --Nuno                   Carlos Alemán mixes ma