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  The Latina Book Club congratulates Valerie Tejeda on the debut of her first YA novel.   We are happy to be part of her first Blog Tour.      Bloomsbury Publishing/ Spark "Hunters are not made.   They are born." Valerie Tejeda's debut novel is fun, fast-paced and fantastic.   The Latina Book Club interviewed Valerie last Fall and we learned how the premise for this book began with a dream about Marilyn Monroe being killed by a witch.   Now, after months of waiting, the book is out and we are thrilled.   HOLLYWOOD WITCH HUNTER is a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Men In Black.   We devoured it in one sitting, and could not put it down.   Our teenage heroine may not be on the cheer squad, but this California girl is smart, sassy and has killer instincts. SUMMARY:   Iris Maria Bently hunts witches bent on retaining their youth by sacrificing the beautiful, shallow women of southern California.   She carries a gold knife and has a car fil


   The Latina Book Club is pleased to welcome Frank Brewster III, a Texas music teacher turn poet and author. Once an educator, always an educator. Frank has been able to "bridge words, poetry, music and education, all into a single work of art," and his books are being used in numerous school districts.   What follows is a lengthy chat with Frank, but you can't help but be impressed by his devotion to education, and his hard work in getting his books into children's hands.   All we can say is, Bravo, Frank. Bravo! It is Life that inspires me to write. You see, I am in love with life!!! I am fascinated with all aspects of living for it is a constant challenge of beauty, love, struggle, heartbreak, food, and so much more! --Frank Brewster III Q:   Congratulations on winning $10,000 from the Mission Economic Development Corporation Ruby Red Venture Program.  We understand that the money is going to mass-produce your books for several school districts in

REVIEW: DREAMERS: An Immigrant Generation's Fight for Their American Dream by Eileen Truax

    If the DREAM ACT is passed in the next few months, I have a future.   If it's not, I'm going to have to fight for my future . --Elioenai Santos   I talked with some people on the senator's staff, and I realized how disconnected politics are from our lives. I understood that the change that we need has to come from the people most affected by an immigration system that is broken.   Our voices and our stories have to become our tools to combat this oppressive system. --Carlos Amador, Dreamer and co-president of United We Dream         Beacon Press Eileen Truax has taken one of the most important and hottest themes of this generation -- immigration reform -- and given it a face, actually faces.   Like Nancy who worked for the government in California and one day on her way to work got pulled over and deported to Mexico, where she knew no one and only had $40 to her name. Daniella with "Dream" written on her sneakers taking part in a civ


    White (light) only seems like a blank canvas, like shock, or a new slate, a void.  But it’s not. White is just the opposite, it’s really all colors locked in one. Separate by a prism, there it is, made visible, every single one, right in front of me.  Maybe white is the true color of mourning. And all I have to do is let the colors unfurl as they might, as they want to, and with whatever force, or pain, or joy.  This is the process, just like filling the canvas. ---Veronica Shade Mountain Press Lush. Vibrant. A masterful debut by Vanessa Garcia. WHITE LIGHT is about art and life, love and loss, family and lovers.  Like a painting, this story is layered and colored by passions, dreams, nightmares, memories and emotions.   Readers will empathize with Veronica as she weathers the ups and downs of grief and success, which make the ultimate triumphs so much sweeter.  SUMMARY:  Veronica Gonzalez is a Cuban-American artist on the cusp of success.  She is gi