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BOOK LAUNCH: JUNGLE TALES by Horacio Quiroga (and booksigning)

From the Press Release..... JUNGLE TALES (CUENTOS DE LA SELVA) is a collection of eight short stories by Horacio Quiroga that was published to enormous success in 1918. To this day, children in elementary schools across all Latin America read this book as a part of their curriculum. Quiroga captures the magic of the jungle, which is the scene of great and exciting adventures illuminated by nature in all its splendor. A place where snakes throw glamorous parties with flamingoes, stingrays join forces to fight off man-eating jaguars, and a giant tortoise carries a wounded man on its shell for hundreds of kilometers to bring him to safety. American English teacher, Jeff Zorrilla, and Argentine film critic, Natalia Cortesi have just published their fully illustrated English translation of the popular Latin American children’s book CUENTOS DE LA SELVA by Uruguayan writer Horacio Quiroga. With this book they bring all the fantasy and wonder of the jungles of South America to English r

REVIEW: MAS QUE NO LOVE IT: Cuentos / Short Stories by Jim Sagel

   West End Press, Bilingual Fiction, Chicano Studies Sagel knows the voices of his people. Well, I should say, his adoptive people. A transplant from Colorado, Sagel fell in love with a local girl and stayed, only to find himself falling in love with her people as well. His stories are passionate, emotional, and full of local color and idioms. His stories invite you to pull up a chair and stay a while -- a little cafecito, a little juicy gossip. Sagel introduces us to the colorful, dynamic characters that have populated New Mexico for centuries, before the gringos ever even thought of getting on a boat and crossing over to this side of the pond. There’s Tia Juana who was hypochondriac and died during the “dripping season;” Tia Tomasita who knew the Sangre de Cristo mountains like the back of her hand but who got lost in the maze of streets in town; Pifi, the Korean vet, who loved his one-eyed roster more than his wife; Grandma who made a promise to el Santo NiƱo when gran

BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY: COUNT ON ME: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships

  The Latina Book Club is proud to be an official stop of the COUNT ON ME Condor Book Tour . The blog tour dates and links are at the bottom of this post. Leave a comment and you will be entered to win a free copy of the book . Comadres…the term encompassses some of the most complex and important relationships that exist between women. Comadres are best friends, confidants, coworkers, advisors, neighbors, and godmothers to one’s children. Comadres are the women they know they can count on, lean on, and ask for advice or for help when needed . ---Nora de Hoyos Comstock, President & CEO, Las Comadres Para Las Americas I have been a member of Las Comadres Para Las Americas for almost eight years. I am now one of the New York City Chapter’s Moderators and the group’s Book Club Coordinator. I find this organization to be amazing, and not just because of the networking, but because of the friendships forged – fierce friendships. We have sisters who attend the monthly Co


Edited by Adriana V. Lopez, Atria Books Comadres are the women [we] know [we] can count on, lean on, and ask for advice or for help when needed. Like Las Comadres Para Las Americas, comadres make up the support system women create for themselves on the personal and professional fronts. --Nora de Hoyos Comstock, PhD President & CEO Las Comadres Para Las Americas As comadres, we share our most intimate and formative life experiences so that they become each other's life experiences as well. --"Road Sisters" Stephanie Elizondo Griest Book Summary:   Friendships can bring us peace, fill the emotional shortcomings in our romantic relationships, and help us remember what lies deep inside every one of us. For more than twelve years, the international organization Las Comadres Para Las Americas™ has been bringing together thousands of Latinas to count on, lean on, help, and advise one another.  Comadre is a powerful term. It encompasses the