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TELECONFERENCE: Monday, January 25, 8:00PM EST

Join me on Monday, January 25, at 8:00pm EST when I interview author Reyna Grande. As you know, Reyna is the author of DANCING WITH BUTTERFLIES.  Her book was the January selection for the Comadres, Compadres & Friends National Book Club. To register for this FREE teleconference, logon to , and go to the Events tab. If you have any questions you'd like to ask Reyna, email me at . Happy Reading. Maria Ferrer

SAD NEWS: Ella Book Club closes

I am sad to report that Alisa Valdes has closed the Ella Book Club. She will be concentrating on her writing, which we can all agree is very important. But fear not, there are still other Latina Book Clubs out there including the Comadres, Compadres & Friends Book Club.  For more info, visit .


This is the national book club launched by author Alisa Valdes.  The ELLA Book Club has 500+ registered members coast to coast.  The Club even has a Facebook page.  Their January selection is Margo Candela's MORE THAN THIS. Visit the ELLA Book Club website for a Skype video interview with Margo: SUMMARY:   After living in Paris for a year, Evelyn Reed-Sinclair returns home to San Francisco nursing a broken heart. An heiress to a coffee and tea empire, she has no desire to participate in the highsociety, party-hopping lifestyle in which her younger sister revels. And when a mix-up leads to a job at a struggling dot com company, Evelyn keeps mum about her true identity and joins the nine-to-five workforce.              Meanwhile, Alexander Velasquez, an ambitious lawyer from a working-class San Francisco neighborhood, signs on with a posh law firm. His defense of a rich, conniving widow (who has designs on more than his legal skills) brings him


This bookclub group is for "Mami/Papi and Me."  This month's book is GROWING UP WITH TAMALES / LOS TAMALES DE ANA by Gwendolyn Zepeda.   The book is written in both English and Spanish. Synopsis:  GROWING UP WITH TAMALES is an imaginative story that centers around the family tradition of making tamales. The tale is told from the perspective of six year old Ana, who yearns to be just like her big sister, Lidia. Two years younger than her sister, Ana imagines what her life will be like when she is Lidia’s age…at eight, ten, 12, 14, 16, and finally 18. The funny ending is sure to amuse its readers!


This group meets the third Thursday of each month at the Borders Bookstore at Columbus Circle in New York City at 6:30PM.  For January, they are reading DANCING WITH BUTTERFLIES by Reyna Grande. SUMMARY:    Folklórico, traditional Mexican dance, bring together four women in Los Angeles. Yesenia and her husband lead Alegría, a successful Folklórico dance group, but Yesenia’s arthritic knee keeps her offstage and restless in her marriage. Sisters Elena and Adriana grew up dancing in Alegría, but bitterness over their difficult childhood has soured their relationship. And Soledad, the group’s costume designer, is determined to open a dress shop in L.A., even though she is in the U.S. illegally.