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But just then, for that fraction of time, it seems as though all things are possible. You can look across the limitations of your own life, and see that they are really nothing. In that moment when time stops, it is as though you know you could undertake any venture, complete it and come back to yourself, to find the world unchanged, and everything just as you left it a moment before. And it's as though knowing that everything is possible, suddenly nothing is necessary.  

Before there was GAME OF THRONES, there was OUTLANDER.A time travel romance with an epic love triangle, spellbinding passion, rich history, exhilarating adventures and extraordinary characters.Eight books and several novellas later, the OUTLANDER series is a major hit on paper and on screen.In fact, PBS’ The Great American Read declared it one of the Top Ten Best-Loved Novels in America.  And, Starz is currently playing Season 5.   
Readers continue to be enthrall, engaged and excited with the adventures of a Briti…


The Latina Book Club wishes author Chantel Acevedo a Happy Book Birthday.   The Muse Squad was released on July 7.  It’s Chantel's first middle grade book, and the first in a fantasy duology with a Cuban American heroine and diverse friends.

MUSE SQUAD is an ode to girl power.
Memorable. Magical. Moving. 
Think Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Disney’s Hercules, and you’ll get the idea behind Chantel Acevedo’s MUSE SQUAD.  The heroine is 11-year old Callie, who turns out to be a Greek muse with lots of raw power. Now, Callie and the others in the Muse Squad must learn to use their power responsibly. SUMMARY:  Callie Martinez-Silva didn’t mean to turn her best friend into a pop star. But when a simple pep talk leads to miraculous results, Callie learns she’s the newest muse of epic poetry, one of the nine Muses of Greek mythology tasked with protecting humanity’s fate in secret.  Whisked away to Muse Headquarters, she joins three recruits her age, who call themselves the Muse …


The Latina Book Club is a big fan of Aileen Erin and her Alpha Series.It has a strong Latina Heroine who is half witch and half wolf.Book 9 in the series was just released, and we just had to talk to Aileen, especially when we learned she has a new series with another strong Latina Heroine!

LATINA BOOK CLUB:Hi, Aileen.  How have you coped with this pandemic and shelter in place? writing more? less? reading? other?  
AILEEN:The pandemic has been interesting, scary, and truly stressful. But I’m used to being at home. I’m a full-time author. It’s my job. So, I’m at home every day. What was weird was having my four-year-old daughter—who had just been adjusting to more days and time at school—back at home again. Balancing time with her and managing her stress with the changing situation and still getting writing done was difficult. I was on a deadline when the stay-at-home order hit LA, so my in-laws came to help with my daughter so that I could finish the book in time for release. And once…


The Latina Book Club has chosen SNOW OVER UTOPIA by Rudolfo Serna  for it's Book of the Month. It's a heck of a book to start your summer reading  with.  Don't get scared now.

Apocalypse. Psychedelic Doom Metal. Mutants. Drama. Sci fi. Fantasy. Horror. Adventure. Think Mad Max meets Space Odyssey.   . 
SNOW OVER UTOPIA is a dark, apocalyptic adventure. The pace is hard, fast and tight. Readers will be on the edge of their chairs, cringing at another horror scene, but too entranced to put this book down. 

SUMMARY:   In an age of savage science powered by black-mass, and thrown away bio-matter leaked into an underground sea lit by the heart of the great tree, a girl named Eden loses her rare blue eyes. Escaping her fanatical and sadistic slave masters with her eyes in a jar, she runs away with a murderer named Miner. After fleeing for their lives deep within the forest, they are found by the Librarian and his daughter Delilah, and sheltered in their mountain-top sanctuary. But she c…


The city usually swallows up the people who move. -- Neighbor

Immigration. Racism.Socialism.
All challenges we face today, and the main and universal themes in Rudolfo A. Anaya’s HEART OF AZTLAN published almost 40 years ago.The story follows a small family who move from the country to the big city for a better life. All they get is poverty, gang wars, violence, loss of culture, values and family.But, there is hope at the end and determination to survive, to be stronger and to unite the family -- that’s every family’s dream.

SUMMARY:  The Albuquerque barrio portrayed in this vivid novel of postwar New Mexico is a place where urban and rural, political and religious realities coexist, collide, and combine. The magic realism for which Anaya is well known combines with an emphatic portrayal of the plight of workers dispossessed of their heritage and struggling to survive in an alien culture.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR.   Rudolfo A. Anaya, widely acclaimed as one of the founders of modern Chicano lite…


Blanca:  Life is not a multiple-choice test.  
Verdad:  Hell is now, saying it happens later is a power play.  

Honest. Tragic. Realist. Truthful.
This is a bold novel that deals with hard topics like death, betrayal, homelessness and sexual orientation. It’s well-written, with a great cast of characters.It’s also very realistic, and like today’s youth, Verdad and Danny face hard choices as they learn who they truly are, who they want to be, and whom they want to love.

SUMMARY:  A powerful exploration of love, identity, and self-worth through the eyes of a fierce, questioning Puerto Rican teen.Fifteen-year-old Verdad doesn't think she has time for love. She's still struggling to process the recent death of her best friend, Blanca; dealing with the high expectations of her hardworking Puerto Rican mother and the absence of her remarried father; and keeping everyone at a distance. But when she meets Danny, a new guy at school―who happens to be trans―all bets are off. Verdad suddenl…


Al jibaro nunca se le quita la mancha de platano.
A jibaro can never wash away the stain of the plantain.

-Esmeralda Santiago

If you are Puerto Rican, you have probably heard of Esmeralda Santiago.  She is the author that gave Puerto Ricans a face and a voice.  She is every Boricua – torn between two cultures, two languages, two identities.  Which is the real Esmeralda? The answer is another question – why can’t she be both?
Esmeralda’s WHEN I WAS PUERTO RICAN is the first of three memoirs that take readers from the pueblitos of the small Caribbean island to the big city in Manhattan.  Esme’s new life is full of challenges, discoveries and dualities.  In fact, the original version of the novel had two parts – Puerto Rico and America.  Esmeralda is both Puerto Rican and American. There are no sides to choose.  Her journey is ours, and hopefully, we can do it with equal grace and success.

SUMMARY:  In a childhood full of tropical beauty and domestic strife, poverty and tenderness, Esmeralda …