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    Our Book of the Month is one that will make you laugh, cry and scream.  And why shouldn't it? It's Halloween!!  Here's an excerpt.  Happy Reading!! “Gypsy Moon” WICKED REMNANTS By Manuel A. Meléndez Book cover by Carlos Aleman Illustrations by Henry Simon EXCERPT He rose from the black bushes like a solid shadow from death. His nightmarish yellow eyes stared at me with hatred. His enlarged pointed nostril flared as mucous dripped from its depth. His muscled hairy torso expanded to proportions of unbelievable massiveness. His arms were like tree trunks that ended into sharp huge claws. From behind me I heard Deanna scream and my own fears were increased for the safety of us. With foolishness or machismo bravado overcoming my anguish I clenched my hands into fist and prepared if not to save my life, to at least save Deanna’s. The wolf-like creature ripped through the shrubs, his almost human hoofs inching closer to me. His p


   The Latina Book Club congratulates author Jon Marcantoni on his first Spanish-language novel, TRISTIANA.  We were happy to learn all about the novel and what is happening with La Casita Grande.     Darío: When you look at my body, what do you see? You see muscles, chest, arms and legs, my sex? Or do you see skin that is destined to decay? Bones destined to be picked apart by insects until what remains is grinded into dirt. Do you see a walking death that fights to stay within this body? You see my inevitable end, and the hole it will create in the lives of those who love me? What you see if a passing thing, like a memory. And I am alive, I live within your mind, because my destiny is to be buried, and in truth the ground is where this body desires to be above anywhere else. When I look at my children sleeping under the mosquitero, I see a piece of my Isabella and I, a piece which will suffer when we die. The time is coming. Even though in the city everything is at peac