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By Daniel Chavarria
Translation by Carlos Lopez
Akashic Books
ISBN 1-888451-165

“Alicia was the most seductive bicycle hooker in all of Havana.” And with a little help from her Mami, Alicia prowls for a rich husband that can take her away from an impoverish Cuba under U.S. embargo. So what is a girl to do but take matters –and other things! – into her own hands. This book is populated with colorful characters all having great sex – from Alicia to ocean salvagers to European businessmen with fetishes of their own. It’s funny, enchanting and titillating. I read it in two days. I couldn’t put it down, and not just because of the sex but because of the murder too.

Questions to Discuss:
1) Describe the mother and daughter relationship in this book.
2) Did you agree with Alicia's career choice?
3) How soon did you know Elizabeth's true identity?