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This is the national book club launched by author Alisa Valdes.  The ELLA Book Club has 500+ registered members coast to coast.  The Club even has a Facebook page.  Their January selection is Margo Candela's MORE THAN THIS.

Visit the ELLA Book Club website for a Skype video interview with Margo:

SUMMARY:   After living in Paris for a year, Evelyn Reed-Sinclair returns home to San Francisco nursing a broken heart. An heiress to a coffee and tea empire, she has no desire to participate in the highsociety, party-hopping lifestyle in which her younger sister revels. And when a mix-up leads to a job at a struggling dot com company, Evelyn keeps mum about her true identity and joins the nine-to-five workforce.
             Meanwhile, Alexander Velasquez, an ambitious lawyer from a working-class San Francisco neighborhood, signs on with a posh law firm. His defense of a rich, conniving widow (who has designs on more than his legal skills) brings him into conflict with his labor activist father and ultimately leads him to question his professional path.
            As Evelyn and Alexander endeavor to sort out their lives, they become attracted to each other...from a distance. A series of near meetings and missed connections -- and occasionally peeping into each other's offices with binoculars -- brings them ever closer, but neither one is willing to take the next step.