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JOIN US!    The Comadres, Compadres and Friends Book Club invite you to their February book club meeting on February 18 at the Borders Bookstore at Columbus Circle at 6:30PM.

Book of the Month:  THE INVISIBLE MOUNTAIN by Carolina De Robertis

Book summary:  On the first day of the year 1900, a small town deep in the Uruguayan countryside gathers to witness a miracle — the mysterious reappearance of Pajarita, a lost infant who will grow up to begin a lineage of fiercely independent women in the capital, Montevideo. Her daughter, Eva, a fragile yet ferociously stubborn beauty intent on becoming a poet, overcomes an early, shattering betrayal to embark on a most unconventional path. And Eva’s daughter, Salomé, awakens to both her sensuality and political convictions amidst the violent turmoil of the late 1960s. From Perón’s glittering Buenos Aires to the rustic hills of Rio de Janeiro, from the haven of a Montevideo butchershop to U.S. embassy halls, The Invisible Mountain celebrates a nation’s spirit, the will to survive in the most desperate of circumstances, and the fierce and complex connections between mother and daughter.   Visit Carolina at