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Engrossing tale of passion and betrayal set against the cold and stark background
of NYC's hustling streets.  --- Latin Temptress, author of THE ENCOUNTER

 Every person has a story but this was a remarkable book when it comes to the detail.
It allows the reader to vividly imagine the story playing out.  I can't wait to see
what else is coming from this talented lady. -- Urban Fire Literary

Q:   Tell us about yourself. 

I was born and raised in East Harlem, New York, lovingly called “El Barrio” by Puerto Ricans who moved to this city many years ago. My mother moved to NY when she was 19 years old and my father when he was 3 years old. Growing up I was never a fan of the school system so I quit and got my GED. I was a receptionist for about 12 years, when I switched careers and became a mortgage processor. Once the market fell, I found myself without work but was fortunate enough to find a job with Deja Vu Publications in their Sales/Marketing Department.

Q:   When did you know you were a writer?

As I wrote TRAPPED, I didn’t consider myself a writer, I thought of myself as a sales/marketing manager who was putting ideas onto paper. As sales/marketing manager I was content to sit on the sidelines and watch the authors in the spotlight. Even when Déjà Vu picked up my manuscript and we were in the process of bringing it to print I was still a bit apprehensive about calling myself an author. It finally hit me when I posted my synopsis on Facebook and one of my fellow authors by the name of Carmen Noboa-Espinal lovingly replied, “Welcome to the other side”. That was when I realized I was in fact an author. The joyous feeling I felt that night was great!

Q:   Tell us about your book TRAPPED. How did you come up with the idea?

TRAPPED is my first born. It tells the story of a Latina woman in her 40’s, who after establishing an idyllic life in Miami, FL, is forced to come back to her birthplace of East Harlem when her mother becomes ill. Upon her return, she meets a younger man who is an aspiring publisher and author. They fall in love and she gives her all to help him and his first urban novel rise to the top of the publishing world, and succeeds; only to be betrayed by the one she loves when a one night stand becomes their biggest nightmare. TRAPPED is filled with mystery, betrayal, murder...readers will be mesmerized with every page they read. It's loosely based on my own life experiences, with a little imagination of course.

Q:   What is your writing routine?

I really don’t have a set routine, I write when the ideas and plots come to mind. I do have a habit of writing while listening to old school R&B though.

Q:   Who are your favorite authors?

I love urban fiction. My favorite authors to date are my fellow Latina authors who have made names for themselves in the urban publishing world: Sexy, author of CHAINED and TWO FOLD, and publisher of Déjà Vu Publications; Carmen Noboa-Espinal, author of UPTOWN MENACE; Latin Temptress, author of THE ENCOUNTER; and Julie Ojeda-Nin, author of FRIENDS TO THE END.  As well, as male authors like K’wan, Eric S. Gray, Adrian Ox Mendez, Dashawn Taylor.

Q:  What are you reading now?

I am reading FRIENDS TO THE END by Julie Ojeda-Nin.

Q:  What is next for you? Are you working on a new book?

Preparing TRAPPED was an emotional rollercoaster for me that consumed most of my time so I haven’t completed my next project, but I do have notes written down and an idea in my head that’s screaming to come out so I’m going to put on my R&B and start working on it soon.

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By Maria Hernandez
Déjà Vu Publications, 2010

SUMMARY:    Angelina Rivera was living the high life in Miami, but when her mother takes ill she returns to New York’s East Harlem. There, she falls in love with an ex-con, ex-drug dealer Daryl James, who pens a tell-all book, which Angelina helps make a bestseller. Their life is perfect, until Daryl’s one-night stand turns into their biggest nightmare. Suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of a deadly game of lust, betrayal and murder.