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I know this is wrong. I know I am weak, I know it cannot lead to anywhere good, but things will be different this time because this is me, and I am special. ----Cassandra Maldonado

By Daniel Serrano
Grand Central Publishing
November 2010

“Cassandra was a NYPD detective, an undercover assigned to stop a monster.” Daniel Serrano opens with this gripping sentence and keeps the reader entranced until the last page. This story is full of action, mystery and suspense. It’s about life and death, truth and justice, winning and dying. Serrano’s cast of characters is so real, so vivid that this reader hopes to “meet” them all again soon in future books. (Daniel—this could be a series!)

SUMMARY: Detective Cassandra Maldonado – a single mother of an autistic child – will do anything to provide for her son, whether that means putting herself in the path of a monster or blackmailing the Mayor into promoting her to the elite high profile homicide squad. Her first day on the job, has Cassandra investigating the brutal murder of FYSHBone, a rap superstar. There are plenty of suspects, including the supermodel girlfriend, a greedy loan shark, a brutal music tycoon and a hot, sexy lawyer. But Cassandra has no time for romance, as her career and her life are on the line.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Serrano was born and raised by his mother in the tough streets of New York and Chicago. The eldest of three boys, Serrano witnessed gangs, crime, drugs, poverty, and even murder, as his family lived the urban Latino struggle. After drifting through menial jobs for years, he enrolled in the Weekend Program at Shimer College and studied the classics. Serrano went on to earn a law degree from St. John's University. As an attorney, he has spent the bulk of his career advising politicians and alleged criminals. He is currently at work on his next book. Daniel currently divides his time between New York City and Puerto Rico, where he is hard at work on his next novel.

For more information about the author, click here.

Do leave a comment and let us know how you like BOOGIE DOWN or GUNMETAL BLACK, Daniel's first book.  Happy Reading.


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Thelma T. Reyna said…
Maria, very catchy, compelling summary. I'm interested in Daniel's book and will check it out. Also, congrats on your niece hitting one million words. What a superstar!