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"DISH AND TELL is a compilation of true stories of our journeys as we juggle our personal and professional lives, which we hope will leave you either nodding in understanding or winking in complicity."
                                                                              -- Miami Bombshells

TO BE A BOMBSHELL: "It's more about being courageous than being curvaceous."

by The Miami Bombshells
Patricia San Pedro
Mercedes Soler
Annie San Roman
Tammi Leader Fuller
Lydia Sacasa
Sara Rosenberg
(William Morrow, 2005)

They are six friends – everyday Divas and self-proclaimed Miami Bombshells – who gathered every few weeks for dinner, drinks and dishing. They talked about everything and anything. Didn’t matter what “bombshell” one of them dropped, no topic was taboo – family, health, occupations, spirituality, sex. Their gatherings became therapeutic sessions and eventually this book – a book full of their stories and how they handled / coped / survived difficult situations.

I met these ladies years ago and I was impressed by their camaraderie and openness.

They literally hung their dirty laundry out in public and were not ashamed. On the contrary, their friendship, their frankness made them stronger and determined to share the wealth, as it were. They opened “Camp Bombshells” and invited other women to share their circle of friendship, their stories; thereby, helping them become empowered and enlightened.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Miami Bombshells have disbanded. Their site – – is still up, but hasn’t been updated since 2008. A pity, that. If anyone hears otherwise, please let us know. We’d love to know what happened to the Miami Bombshells.



Cool! I love short stories. I'm in the middle of writing my first collection (this will be my 3rd YA book.)