August 15, 2011


I wrote THE NEW LATINA'S BIBLE with a simple desire: to inspire Latinas to feel joyous about their culture, to understand that they mattered, that they are beautiful and intelligent and that they could dream big and achieve the unimaginable. – Sandra Guzman

The Modern Latina’s Guide to Love,
Spirituality, Family, and La Vida
By Sandra Guzman
Seal Press, 2011

Sandra Guzman, the former editor-in-chief of Latina magazine, published the first THE LATINA BIBLE in 2002 by Random House. She has now updated and expanded the original for a total of 14 chapters that cover everything from “Surviving Your Mother” to “Centering Your Soul” to the “Secrets of Latina Dating” to “Marrying Outside la Raza” to “The Get-Ahead Gide for the Nueva Latina.”

This book is about empowerment, about family, about love, about being yourself, about being Latina.

It takes one Latina to know a Latina. Guzman’s book is full of “good advice, hard-earned wisdom and valuable mirroring.” It’s a good resource for Latinas of all ages, and there are lots of insert boxes with mini-bios of leading Latinas worth knowing and wonderful and fun tidbits.

For example: The Four Things You Don’t Need to Be to Catch a Good Latin Man:

• A great cook
• A great dancer
• A good housekeeper
• A beauty queen

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COMMENT: Do let us know which chapter you identified more with and what other advice you would give to your fellow Latinas.