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by Monique Frausto

The Latina Book Club celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the Founder of Blogs by Latinas. Welcome, Monique!

I love celebrating the fact that I'm Latino. It's in the way I talk, how I walk with my head held high, how I approach every situation in life, and in what I do every day. As a blogger, I make sure my voice is heard.

As a young Latina, I was always trying to prove everyone wrong. Don't tell me I can't do something, because I will do it. I saw how the women in my family were treated and how their voices didn't matter. I wanted that to change.

In high school, I was a member of M.E.Ch.A, Student Council, and Keywannettes-pretty much any organization that encouraged us to speak up and make a change. College also gave me the opportunity to help voices be heard. That started the minute I joined my school newspaper. I immediately changed my major and I aspired to become a journalist.

Today, I do what I can to support the positive presence of Latinas in the blogging world, online, and in everyday life. From the minute I wake up, until I go to sleep; the world of social media is on my mind. Any opportunity I have to help promote a positive and empowering fellow bloguera, believe me I take it. That's why I created the Blogs by Latinas directory and my new blog, Latinas Inspire.

Creating the directory was for all the Latina bloggers out there. It has never been for me. It wasn't and still isn't to make money, but rather to let everyone know that there are amazingly smart, creative, and daring Latinas out there. Women that deserve to be heard.

For me, being a proud Latino goes beyond just saying it. I celebrate it by working hard to show the world that we are more than the stereotypes they want to place us in. I know that being Latino isn't only for convenience, but something I will proudly convey every day for the rest of my life, online or off.♥

Visit Monique’s Directory of Latina Bloggers at You can also check out her blogs at,, and

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