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LATINA HOLIDAY BLOG TOUR: 23 writers, 23 blogs, 23 days

by Icess Fernandez Rojas

(The Latina Book Club is proud to be part of the first Latina Holiday Blog Tour.  We thank Icess for letting us be a part of it.  Please note that the Tour begins December 1.  Below is an excerpt taken from Icess' blog detailing the tour.  To read the full article, click here.)

I have found 23 writers in both fiction and non-fiction who are both up-and-comers and forever favorites. They will post brand new stories about the holiday season. This tour is all inclusive and I am so proud of that. We have Jewish writers participating and I can't wait to read their work. We also have some romance writers who I'm sure will brighten your season. The mystery writers have been cooking up something wicked mixing tinsel and egg nog. The poets are perfecting their verses and the memoirists are choosing just their memories with care.

Below is a list of writers and their blogs. The tour begins on Dec. 1 with Julia Amante. As we get closer to the tour, I'll share update on this blog. There will be a new section of the blog, a tab above, that will be dedicated to blog news.  I urge you follow the tour (some of the writers have presents) and get to know some new writers. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Happy Holidays!


Dec. 1 Julia Amante

Dec. 3 Radames Ortiz

Dec. 4 Deborah Grace Staley

Dec. 5 Zoraida Cordova

Dec. 6.Danielle Klenak

Dec. 7 Lupe Mendez

Dec. 8 Natasha Oliver

Dec. 9 Maria Ferrer, The Latina Book Club

Dec. 10 Sidney Williams

Dec. 11 Toni Plummer

Dec. 12 Mayra Calvani

Dec. 13 Kristy Harding

Dec. 14 Thelma Reyna

Dec. 15.Sylvia Mendoza

Dec. 16 Regina Tingle

Dec. 17 Teresa Dovalpage

Dec. 18 Mirta Espinola

Dec. 19 Kim Brown

Dec. 20 Gwen Jerris

Dec. 21 Paula Altschuler

Dec. 22 Caridad Pinero

Dec. 23 Teresa Carbajal Revet

Dec. 24 Icess Fernandez Rojas

Join us on this tour and Feliz Navidad.


Thelma T. Reyna said…
Wonderful summary, Maria! I'm looking forward to this nifty holiday idea and truly looking forward to your post. Have a superb holiday season with your family and other loved ones!