February 1, 2012


Let’s celebrate the Month of Love with a charming tale of
unrequited love in turn-of-the-century Mexico.

In LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE, each chapter begins with a recipe since our protagonist, Tita, is most comfortable in the kitchen, the heart and soul of the Mexican family. Tita is the youngest daughter of a well-to-do rancher. She falls in love with Pedro, but her mother decrees that Tita must remain single and care for her as tradition dictates. In a cruel twist of fate, it is her older sister Rosaura that marries Pedro and they move into the family home. Tita pours all her passion and frustrations into her cooking with hilarious results. Luckily, her unrequited love survives the Mexican Revolution, the births of Rosaura and Pedro's children, even a proposal of marriage from an eligible doctor. And in the end, Tita does manage to break with tradition for herself and future generations.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mexican author Laura Esquivel started writing while working as a kindergarten teacher. She wrote plays for her students and then went on to write children's television programs during the 1970s and 1980s. Esquivel is best known for LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE, an imaginative combination of romance novel and cookbook. Her other works include THE LAW OF LOVE, BETWEEN THE FIRES and MALINCHE. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico.