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Cosmopolitan For Latinas.

The new Cosmo is aimed at American-born Latin women who are bicultural and bilingual. There will be two issues this year – Spring and Fall – with a print run of 500,000+ copies hitting newsstands in heavy Latino states, like New York, California, Florida and Texas.

The whole of the Latino community is excited over this magazine. “Everyone can’t wait to see our first issue. I think there are a lot of young women out there who have been looking for a cool take on being young, hot, and Latina today,” said Editor in Chief, Michelle Herrera Mulligan.

In terms of the direction of the magazine, their tagline says it all: “Cosmopolitan For Latinas, Cosmo’s fun, fearless spirit takes on a Latina voice. The magazine will be an insider’s approach to everything Cosmo with the Latina sensibility—from beauty and style to dating, relationships, family, the hottest celebrities and the coolest parties—Cosmo Latina will cover it all with an extra dash of spice.”

11 days and counting!#

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