April 26, 2012


NOTE:  This book is written in Spanish.  My Spanish reading skills are rusty so a review is not possible, but I can still help promote this new exciting award-winning Latino author.  Below please find a summary of Maria de Lourdes Victoria's book and her personal bio. As always, Read Latino!

by Maria de Lourdes Victoria

SUMMARY:  Melanie is a detective at the public defenders’ office in the city of Seattle. Her job is to investigate crimes allegedly perpetrated by the people the agency represents. She is an attractive, savvy and very angry woman. Her husband recently abandoned her, and she must now do her best to support her daughters alone. Sofia, a newly hired, Mexican attorney, is also trying to cope with her own defiant teenage sons, and with the responsibilities of her new job. When the pair is teamed up, conflict arises, and is Rhonda, the affable African-American secretary, who keeps the peace, expertly navigating their differences with her natural humor and tolerance. The story, told in the first person narrative of the three characters, transports the reader into the harsh world of litigation, and to the complex and tormented lives of the accused: psychopaths, gangsters, prostitutes and drug addicts. Beyond Justice provides an intimate, inside perspective, of the criminal judicial system that our society has created in the pursuit of Justice.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Maria de Lourdes Victoria is a former public defender and university professor turned author. Her first book, LOS HIJOS DEL MAR (I LEAVE YOU THE SEA) was a finalist for the Mariposa Award (Best First Novel in Spanish) at the 2006 International Latino Book Awards in Washington, D.C. Her second novel, MÁS ALLÁ DE LA JUSTICIA (BEYOND JUSTICE) took third place in Barcelona, Spain, at the prestigious Premio Planeta de Novela book awards in 2010. Originally from Mexico, Maria currently resides in Seattle, Washington. She is presently writing her third novel, CHILDREN OF THE CLOUDS, a love story about a Zapotec woman and an Irish man, set in Oaxaca, Mexico, during the nineteenth century. Visit her at http://www.mariadelourdesvictoria.com/.