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Q&A with Reyna Aldrete author of MESSENGERS FROM A NEW WORLD

Reyna Aldrete is of Mexican descent. She is a self-taught painter and writer. Reyna began making contact with her subconscious through dreams. This connection helped clarify her spiritual growth, which she expresses through her paintings and now her books.

MESSENGERS FROM A NEW WORLD is Reyna’s first book. She wrote and illustrated it herself. It’s a short book and a quick read. The paintings lend the text authenticity and vibrancy.

In MESSENGERS, a young Maria de los Angeles finds ways to interpret the messages that her Guardian Angel sends her through nature’s messengers. These messengers – a horse, butterflies, bees, etc. – are guides for the young Maria to get to know herself and shed her fears and anxiety. Once free of these, love and spiritual awareness follow, bringing peace and acceptance of life changes.

The Latina Book Club was happy to talk to the author and discuss her paintings, her book, the importance of angels and life’s journey.

Q&A with author Reyna Aldrete

Q:  Your protagonist is a child. Do you think adults can learn from Maria's journey as well?

Of course, adults can learn from Maria’s journey, because my book, even though it is dedicated for children, is also for everyone who wants to change their life. I wrote the book for children since it is easier to change their behavior, in doing so it could plant the seed automatically to adults.

Q:   Maria wants to be an angel and she actively searches for the Guardian Angel of her Consciousness. Do you believe in Angels? Do you think only children can see and communicate with angels? What about adults? Can adults ever be able to reclaim their innocence and transformation like Maria?

Yes, I believe in Angels. Angels for me are my consciousness; the more aware I am of myself, the closer I am to my Angel, Essence, God, Love. All of us can see and communicate with our angel if we pay attention during our daily routine and not distract ourselves with our complexes. The less complexes the more clarity with which we can see the new world. Adults absolutely can reclaim their innocence by feeling, seeing and acting without prejudice and guilt. These prejudice and guilt, which are our veils, prevents us seeing what is hidden. That is the transformation.

Q:  Why did you write this story? What is your message to children and adults alike?

I wrote this story because I know that anyone can alter their world and affect others positively. My message to others is that they can liberate themselves from their misery and emotional pain by removing their fictitious life, even if it looks, feels and seems impossible.

Q:  The theme of MESSENGERS FROM A NEW WORLD seems to be to "transform and grow." Maria communicates with nature and the special messengers but not with other children or adults, aside from her grandmother. Is communication with people not important as well for her transformation and growth?

The intention of MESSENGERS FROM A NEW WORLD is to demonstrate the lack of communication between parents and their children. But in my book I show that we can teach children and adults how to pay attention to their feelings, their surroundings and go inside themselves and transform their feelings and pass this knowledge to others. Maria found a special way to transform and grow herself, because her unique circumstances led her, in this case, with the help of her grandmother. She chose to change her feelings because she did not like the way she felt, and decided to find answers in solitude. Maria found something fascinating which led her to find her own inner light. She also learned that communication is very important not only with people who know us, but also with the internal thing that guides us.

Q:  You mentioned that you underwent a profound change and the cover art painting was the result, and later inspired the words. Are you still painting?

Yes, I am still painting and writing. Every time I go through a period of change, and change is constant, I have the opportunity to express that process through my painting, and then expand on the paintings through my writing.

Q: Will MESSENGERS be a series? Are there any plans for more books? More paintings?

In the persistent way of all messengers, they transform themselves and take on different aspects, different names, and different meanings. I now have three more manuscripts with profound meanings ready to be made into books.

Q: How can readers learn more about you? What is your website address? Blog address? Are you on Facebook and Twitter?

My website is I am on Facebook, but I prefer that people who are interested in my book or my way of thinking, email me to better transmit my ideas. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter are less personal.##