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The Latina Book Club welcomes author Terri Molina, who is guest blogging with us today about myths and superstitions, and why she adds them to her writing whenever she can. Welcome, Terri!

Several years ago I was visiting my sister, Becky, in Illinois. At the time my niece was taking classes to get confirmed in the Catholic Church. As a sponsor I went with my sister to one of the classes (it was so long ago, I don’t remember the class). As an exercise in introduction, the teacher asked everyone in the class--about ten-fifteen people, to write their name--first or last-- on the whiteboard then choose a letter in our name and in five seconds come up with a word to describe us. So, I wrote my name T-E-R-R-I and under the I, I wrote intuitive. It was the first thing to pop into my head and at the time, I wasn’t even sure what it meant much less if it was true. I mean, I’ve never been the type to rush into anything. I’m not an emotional thinker, I don’t wear my heart on my least I don’t think I do. So, to say I’m intuitive? that I think about it, I guess I am with a bit of perception thrown in. It could be why so many of the characters I write have the same inclinations.....(write what you know).

In my latest novel, DARK OBSESSION, two of my characters, a brother and sister, have these same gifts, and more, except only one of them truly believes in them. As you’d expect, they tend to butt heads over it. The sister, Sylvia, is determined to get Ray to believe in his ‘don’, but in Ray’s opinion, if they had truly been favored with spirit guides and guardians, then why hadn’t his parents been saved? Of course, then he meets Lexie Solis. Lexie isn’t quite sure she wants to believe Sylvia has a gift of foresight or prescience, because if she does, then she has to believe that the rumors about her ex-boyfriend’s powers are true too which means--she’ll never truly be safe from him. Now, if you want to know the rest of the story, you’ll have to pick up the book. ;-)

Over the years I’ve often been asked how I became interested in the mystical....well I think it's kind of ingrained. My father was Honduran, my mother Mexican/Indian and as many of you know, there's a very big belief in magic with these three cultures. My uncle is from the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where my stories take place, and always has a great story to tell. I heard many ‘ghost stories’ growing up but they were told as a way of being a part of history. And I love history. The more research I did into the myths and superstitions, the more fascinated I became. When I started writing, it became natural to add the elements to my work. For me, it’s a normal part of life.♥


Ramon (Ray) Chavez, a 33 year old farmer from the Rio Grande Valley doesn’t believe in visions or omens or the mysticism of his Mexican/Indian heritage. When he’s awakened by the spirit of this great-grandmother with a message that something is coming, Ray passes it off as a bad dream. But he may just reconsider his position when he finds Lexie Solis stranded on the edge of town, in search of a new life. Ray feels an instant attraction, as well as a connection, to the skittish young woman, and he pursues a relationship with her. But what Lexie doesn’t tell Ray or his family, is that she is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend and he may be more powerful than even she wants to believe. When Lexie is assaulted by an unseen force, they learn that the man she is hiding from is a master of the dark arts and his obsession with Lexie goes beyond his need to control her; he wants to possess her soul as well. As their past lives parallel, Lexie’s only hope for salvation is in Ray’s hands. But can he accept his destiny in time to save the woman he loves as well as his own life?

FOR EXCERPT, Click here.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  A mix of Mexican and Honduran, Terri has completed two novels -- FORGET ME NOT (Decadent Publishing) and HER WILL HIS WAY (Cobbelstone Press) -- and is working on two more. Her new book, DARK OBSESSION, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. Visit her at


Valerie Mann said…
I am a fan of Terri's books already, so I look forward to reading this latest addition! Congratulations on your new release, Terri!
Terri Molina said…
Thank you, Valerie. :-)