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REVIEW: NO ONE SAID A WORD by Paula Varsavsky

from WingPress

Argentine journalist Varsavsky has deftly created a stark and unsentimental heroine who may strike some readers as Holden Caulfield’s female counterpart.”
           --Library Journal

Our heroine, Luz Goldman, grows up amid the “Dirty Wars” in Argentina during the 1970s, when people were disappearing daily. But Luz doesn’t care, even when her cousin disappears following a police interview. She is a bored teenager more interested in fashion and boys then the political world shaping her life.

Luz is the product of divorced parents, which means she is spoiled and ignored in equal measure. She plays her parents against each other, has a love-hate (more hate) relationship with her stepmother, doesn’t really get along with her step siblings, and prefers being with friends than family. Luz does get along better with her father, but, though he is a brilliant astrophysicist, he never stands up to the women in his life, let along his daughter.

Luz grows up in a bubble of money and power, where she and her friends have no political opinions. In fact, they are deaf, dumb and blind to the world around them, and so they turn to drugs and casual sex. It is not until her father dies that Luz gets a jolt but not enough to make a difference.

Varsavsky has written a very unsympathetic and unfeeling heroine. Luz Goldman has been called the Holden Caulfield of Argentina, but I will have to re-read my CATCHER IN THE RYE to see if I agree with that statement. I can say though that as much as I disagreed with the heroine, I was compelled to read her story.  NO ONE SAID A WORD makes for some interesting reading.###

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paula Varsavsky is a journalist, novelist and short story writer. NO ONE SAID A WORD is the first of her three novels translated into English. Her short stories have been published in journals and anthologies, including Hostos Review, Translation, and World Literature Today. Ms. Varsavsky is the daughter of noted Argentinian astrophysicist, Dr. Carlos Vasavsky.