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The Latina Book Club welcomes Maria Mitchell, author of PAINTED SECRETS and MAGNOLIA CRISTIANA ST. CLAIRE.

Are you craving adventure? Just a simple deviation from routine? Are you are a person who takes your responsibilities seriously, but every once in a while your mind wanders off into a fantasy that you believe in real life could never happen?

You can make adventure happen by creating events in your life. Yes, you are master of you. I am speaking of your passions that lie dormant inside your heart. You can learn to oil paint, dance, perhaps study a new language. You can do anything you put your mind to and don't let anyone tell you differently.

Adventure may conjure up thoughts of travel, seeing new places, meeting new people and eating new foods. Travel is a strong sensory adventure of new things never to be forgotten. It can beg you for more.

But don't over maximize the concept of adventure. A new adventure can be as simple as going to the other Farmer's Market instead of the same old boring Saturday trip you make. Change your routine and make a new adventure. Change your concepts.


Every book we read holds adventure. As a writer and an artist, I watch everything, listen carefully and take mental notes. The adventure I see everywhere gives me new ideas from every day events, as I turn them into adventure fiction for my writing and subjects for paintings.

In my novel MAGNOLIA CRISTIANA ST. CLAIRE, Magnolia is a sassy, energetic and daring young woman. Magnolia approaches her life as a bold undertaking, an event in itself embraced to the fullest. She makes choices based on her interests and leaves fear out of the equation. In fact, fear is not a word in Magnolia's vocabulary. She loves her ghosts, her Gypsies, and she even loves her own misery.

In PAINTED SECRETS, our heroine Zia is more cautious. Although she has a passionate spirit as an artist, she is reluctant to take risk. But once she accepts the bold opportunities that have been presented to her, she discovers her strong character that has been dormant. As she grows in strength through her new worldly experiences, she learns that adventure is a friend.

Take A Chance

Do you have an adventurous soul with unfulfilled passions and are you hungering for some bold undertaking? Have you been somber and restricted; just dying to try something new and exciting?

Maybe, just maybe, we all dream too much about that green pasture on the other side instead of climbing the fence and sinking our feet into that rich luscious grass of adventure.♥

AUTHOR BIO: Maria Mitchell is a writer, an artist and a former Family Law Paralegal. Mitchell has had a long standing love affair with Mexico and the Latin culture. She bases her stories on many of her own life adventures. Her books include: CATS OF VELVET- TALES OF SILK; DIVORCE, AN EMOTIONAL INTRUSION; MAGNOLIA CRISTIANA ST. CLAIRE; PAINTED SECRETS; and coming soon, THE AUTHOR CAUGHT THE GHOST. To learn more about this gifted artist, visit her at, and follow her on Twitter @CatsofVelvet.  Also, her blog at:


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Maria Mitchell's auttor page on Amazon can be reached @
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Maria Mitchell's auttor page on Amazon can be reached @
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