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Do you believe in Angels?

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
                                                                                        --Psalm 91:11

Angels are a big part of Christian religions, and are known to be messengers of God. The big ones every knows -- Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Lucifer. But have you ever seen one? Tomie Gomez has. In her autobiographical book, GOD, PLEASE SEND ME ANGELS, Ms. Gomez shares her experiences with angels and how they help saved her and her family.

BOOK SUMMARY: Since her conversion to the Christian faith, retired teacher Tomasita Gomez has overcome many challenges in her life and witnessed firsthand the reason for her ongoing success in the face of adversity. In this semi-biography, Ms. Gomez explains how after continued prayers for angels to help her and watch over her family, she explains how actual encounters began to take place. Each encounter delivered a message of its own and her understanding of these messages provided a driving force. It is through this driving force that this teacher from Yabucoa, a humble town in Puerto Rico, has embraced the spiritual satisfaction that has transformed into personal success.

BIO: Tomasita Gomez is a retired teacher from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. Her 35 years in the education field span from Puerto Rico to Connecticut, Texas and California in elementary and college levels. You can “Like” her on Facebook by clicking here.


Lucy said…
Tomie congratulations for this wonderful book.I love you sis
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