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REVIEW: MISSING IN MACHU PICCHU by Cecilia Velastegui (FREE kindle download)

Libros Publishing, 2013
"Never forget our ceremonies and hide the rest of our icons and our precious ancestors, for they alone will speak the truth to use."
-- Inca Emperor Manco Capac

“They were here on this spot trying to find love. This was their last shot, and none of the women was prepared to lie down in defeat like the famed woman of the Dead Woman’s Pass. Each was struck as if by a lightning bolt, and understood that if there were such a thing as a soul mate, he had to be here on this Inca Trail—or no such thing existed at all.”

I love Cecilia Velastegui’s books! They are always an adventure. Velastegui is a master at weaving anthropological history and modern tales in such a way that the reader doesn’t realize she/he has been given a history lesson. The narrative is rich and detailed; her characters are realistic and appealing; and her plot lines are gold. MISSING IN MACHU PICCHU is her best novel to date, which is probably why it won the 2013 International Latino Book Award for Best Adventure novel. This novel is about sex, power, vengeance, retribution, life and death. Velastegui captivates her readers from the first page thru the last. Readers will be fascinated, terrified and enthralled.

SUMMARY: Four Ivy-League graduates, all about to hit the big 4-0, resolve to abandon their addiction to online dating by going on a soul-searching hike into the Andean mountains, on the ancient Inca trails to the top of the legendary Machu Picchu. Their guide is tall, dark and handsome -- the ultimate Latin Lover. Rodrigo has gathered these women with promises of an exhilarating hike and greater sexual pleasure. He pits the women against each other as part of his scheme to steal their money to open the legendary Andean temples with vestal virgins for the taking. The women are so focused on jockeying for position in the race for Rodrigo’s evil heart that they don’t realize the true danger they are in – they are isolated, cut off from civilization, at the mercy of a scoundrel, where no one can hear their cries or come to their rescue. But rescue is near. Two indigenous elder women know of Rodrigo’s wicked ways and are determined to stop him once and for all, and rescue the gringas at any cost. Now, the battle between good and evil resumes. And it will take courage, strength, faith and the magic of an ancient mallquis (mummy) to bring the world into balance once again. ###

AUTHOR BIO: Cecilia Velastegui is the International Latino Book Award winning author of TRACES OF BLISS and GATHERING THE INDIGO MAIDENS. She was born in Ecuador and raised in California and France. She received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California, and speaks four languages. Visit her at

FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD. Now thru July 7, MISSING IN MACHU PICCHU will be offered freely via this link. Get your copy today. Happy Reading! –mcf

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FCC DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book but a good review was neither guaranteed nor monetary reward provided or called for. This review is all me.


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