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"I jumped into the shallow end headfirst. I was not sure I was ready for children. But I knew I loved Amy and could not lose her. I would find a way to change the man I was if that is what I needed to do for her children."

"The hardest thing about being a parent is remembering to do the small things that tell your kids that you love them and that they are each special. Children love presents, but toys and clothes are only temporary. Affection lasts forever."

"My moments of regret revolving around my family life will never manifest in me attempting to run back to the single life as many stupid and selfish family men have done. I will always have my grass is greener moments, but deep down inside I know that the grass will never be any greener than it is when I am with my family."

Aignos Publishing, 2013
Paul Guzzo is happy living the single life right until his 35th birthday when he finally meets the woman who would change his life forever. He captures her attention with his magical sex rock; she captures his heart with her smile. Six months later, Single Paul turns into Daddy Paul, with a readymade family of two. Soon after, baby number three is on the way. Is he ready? Hell, no, but like everyone who has no idea what they are getting into, Paul is eager and willing to jump in head- and heart-first.

This freelance writer becomes a cross between Mrs. Brady and Mark Twain. His single friends are left behind, and even when they become parents themselves, it's hard to get together with anyone with three kids on board.

Three kids and two careers leave no time for sex or sleep. Despite the humorous and snarky style parenting, readers can see the selfless efforts Paul makes for the kids he wishes were his by blood and the biological son he prays grows up to be like him.

THE OVERNIGHT FAMILY MAN is a funny, heart-warming, ridiculous, and insightful compilation of Paul's Facebook log and magazine columns about his adventures in instant parenting. It's full of diaper stories, walking the floor stories, when do I nap stories, when did I become Mr. Mom stories, will my kids love me stories, and I am a good father stories.

This is a must-read book for all new Dads, and all Moms who need a good laugh.###

Paul Guzzo has been a journalist in the Tampa Bay area since 1999. He has written for numerous publications, including La Gaceta Newspaper and Tampa Bay Parenting, both for which he pens parenting columns. Along with his brother Pete, he is also an award-winning independent filmmaker.


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