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Forgive me, Father, if such forgiveness is still an option for my salvation.  Tomorrow will be another day.  Maybe this time the better me will learn to fight back and the demon within will be gone.   –Your humble son… Your fallen angel
WOW!  From the first page – the first murder! – I was hooked.  I almost missed by train stop because I couldn’t stop reading. 
Manuel Meléndez has written an engrossing, fast-paced, suspenseful, pulse-quickening, goose-bump raising thriller, which would certainly gain the approval of the author’s literary heroes – Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock!
WHEN ANGELS FALL (Aignos Publishing) is about the eternal battle between good and evil.  It’s about the duality of man’s soul, about the atonement of sins.  It’s about isolation, obsession, revenge and justice.  It’s about friends and lovers, angels and demons.  It’s a must-read!
Readers will be glued to their seats from the start until the bombshell ending.  Meléndez is a promising new voice and definitely an author to watch!   He has a new book coming out later this year, and we are hoping it’s another thriller.
SUMMARY:   The word is insane, but Ferdinand Muňoz is trying to make the best of it.  He’s just an average Joe, keeping to himself and staying out of trouble.  He lives in Sunnyside, Queens, which is a lot like a small town in the middle of the Big Bad Apple.  But evil lurks everywhere.  Suddenly, Ferdy’s idyllic world becomes surreal.  Murder has come to Sunnyside and it ain’t pretty.
The one ray of sunshine is Annie Lopez, an old friend and possible love interest; if her abusive soon-to-be-ex-husband were out of the picture.  When the ex is killed, it is not a blessing but a curse.  Ferdy becomes a suspect immediately since he knew all the victims.  But it wasn’t him.  It couldn’t be since Ferdy has worked hard all his life to keep his mal genio (mean temper) in check.  Now, the police are looking at him; Annie is keeping her distance; and some wimpy Espiritista is communicating with ghosts and giving Ferdy the evil eye. 
The killer turns out to be a fallen angel; one who begs for forgiveness even as he rejoices in wiping out abusers, bigots and evil doers.  But when Annie becomes the target, all hell will break loose, and help will come from unlikely places and unseen friends.  For the fight for salvation – and survival!– will be fought on earth and in heaven until the surprising end.###
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Manuel A. Meléndez was born in Puerto Rico and came to the United States when he was ten years old.   He was raised in East Harlem.  His stories are gritty dramas of life that captured the flavor and the rawness of everyday people that he sees or meets on the streets of New York.  Meléndez has self-published two poetry books: Observations Through Poetry and Voices From My Soul, and a collection of short stories, Christmas Tales-New York. He is also the author of two novels, WHEN ANGELS FALL and Josefa's Curse.   He lives in Sunnyside, New York.
Read his interview with The Latino Author by clicking here.


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