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Today is the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.  In celebration, The Latina Book Club will give one lucky reader a free e-book copy of THE AMADO WOMEN, our Book of the Week.  Enter to win by leaving a comment below or by posting this hashtag on Twitter, #amreadingwithTheLatinaBookClub.  It's a mouthful; we know.  Winner will be announced next Monday.  And, look for more prizes every week during this special month.

Cinco Puntos Press
Happiness is a decision.  You simply cast aside that which you are tired of looking at, weary of battling, unable to accept and focus on that which remains.  --Mercy Amado, matriarch

Stunning, original, beautiful, mesmerizing.

I love that this novel is about gutsy Latina women, and better yet, gutsy Latina sisters.   They fight and argue like sisters will do, but pick on one and you are facing all three!  And that fire, that passion is what makes Zamorano's debut novel such a success.

THE AMADO WOMEN is all about family and sisterhood. It's full of hopes and dreams, despair and triumph.  It's a fast-paced, emotionally-packed tale that will captivate readers from the start. It did me.

SUMMARY:  Mercy Amado was married to a lazy bum who drank away his paycheck.  She got smart, went to school and became a teacher. She divorced her husband and raised her girls to be strong, independent Latina women. But children never turn out exactly as parents plan. Celeste, the oldest, is obsessed with her career and becoming estranged from the family. Sylvia, the middle child, is married with two children and hiding a painful secret.  Nataly, the baby, is an artist who can never finish what she starts. Time and distance separate the sisters, but when tragedy strikes, these women will band together out of love and will fight to protect their own.###

ABOUTH THE AUTHOR:  Désirée Zamorano is a playwright, Pushcart Prize nominee for fiction, and the director of the Community Literacy Center at Occidental College.  She also collaborates with InsideOut Writers, a program that works with formerly incarcerated youth. She lives in Pasadena, CA.  Visit her at

Reminder:  Check in with us next Monday and see if you won a copy of THE AMADO WOMEN.  Good luck!


This sounds great! I hope I win.
pablita said…
Excited about the giveaway!
Native NYer said…
We have a winner! Nancy Ramos. Congratulations. Email us at Happy Reading everyone!