October 29, 2014


Poetry is the language of love, of revenge, of despair, of hope, of the people.  Here is a Top 14 List of Latino poets we should all be reading more of.  Among them we have the FIRST Spanish American Poet to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, an inaugural poet and two Poet Laureates.  I've tried to find websites for all the poets and, where there isn't any, I've posted a link where you could get more information on them.  Happy reading! --mcf


Gabriela Mistral
1.    Gabriela Mistral (First Spanish American to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature) "Song of Death," http://www.poemhunter.com/gabriela-mistral

2.    Pablo Neruda, "Cantos Ceremoniales," http://www.fundacionneruda.org/en

3.    Julia de Burgos, "Rio Grande de Loiza," http://www.juliadeburgos.org

4.    Richard Blanco (Fifth Inaugural Poet of the U.S.), "For All Of Us, One Day," www.richard-blanco.com

5.      Thelma Reyna (Poet Laureate of the Altadena (CA) Library District), "Rising, Falling, All of Us", www.thelmareyna.com

6.    Carmen Tafolla (First Poet Laureate of the City of San Antonio), "This River Here", www.carmentafolla.com

Carlos Andres Gomez

7.    Carlos Andrés Gómez, "My Journey,"  www.carloslive.com

8.    Ire'ne Lara Silva, "Flesh to Bone," http://irenelarasilva.wordpress.com

9.    Karina Guardiola Lopez, "Latinos Unidos," http://11lopez.webs.com

10. Melinda Palacio, "How Fire Is A Story, Waiting," www.melindapalacio.com

11. William Archila, "The Gravedigger's Archeology," http://www.asu.edu/brp/newandforthcoming/WArchilaArtExile

12. Ruth Irupé Sanabría, "The Strange House Testifies," http://www.ruthirupesanabria.com

Melinda Palacio
13. Lorna de Cervantes, "Drivet: The First Quartet," http://lornadice.blogspot.com

14.  Natalia Treviño, "Tia Licha," www.nataliatrevino.com.

Happy Reading!