December 1, 2014

BOOK OF THE MONTH: NUNO by Carlos Aleman (and Giveaway!)

Fans of Carlos Aleman are in for a Holiday Treat!  We are giving away autographed copies of NUNO to three lucky readers. 
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Aignos Publishing, Dec 2014

Woman is the only hope for this world, a world that is long-suffering, patient, kind, forgiving, peaceful and loving. What a gift a woman is, absolute proof that God loves us.  But foolish man can't appreciate this because of the ego.--Bernando Bolocco
An ancient river of fallen tears and solitude brings my soul to you. Our two lips touch like fresh and salt water meeting. There is a deep and mysterious power in you. In our dreams or in the spirit world, somewhere between the manifested and unmanifested, there is something that is woven. It is our story. Brief but perfect, it devours all of existence. My love, my love, my love for you. --Nuno
Carlos Alemán mixes magical realism and romance with an expert hand to create a vibrant, exhilarating and passionate tale.
The protagonist Nuno is an idealistic young man, full of dreams and hopes and love.  But reality and war are evil task masters.  Luckily the love for a good woman helps him endure and transcend pain, suffering, darkness and despair.  This is the type of quixotic hero that readers will always cheer for. 
NUNO is the prequel to Alemán's HAPPY THAT IT'S NOT TRUE.  It is the first book of a trilogy /family saga about the Velasco family who leave the Old World (Cuba) for the New World (America).  Book three, DIEGO IN TWO PLACES will be out early 2015.  We can't wait!
SUMMARY:  Nuno is a sensitive boy living a poor existence with his melancholy aunt in a war-torn Cuba. There is little joy in their existence until they meet a traveling preacher that changes their lives forever.  Bernando Bolocco confides in Nuno the secrets of the universe, the truth of God -- "woman is the only hope for this world." These words define Nuno's future.  He falls in love with the girl next door, Gabrielle. For her, he steals a book by Bolocco full of the secrets to a woman's heart.  But before the sweethearts can consummate their love, Nuno is off to war.  Gabrielle promises to wait for him and that promise keeps his faith and spirit alive while he is a prisoner. But the years go by and Gabrielle and her family move to America.  Nuno falls into darkness and despair but again it is the memory of their love that saves him and helps him endure all things to come.###
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Carlos Alemán is the author of NUNO and the soon to be released DIEGO IN TWO PLACES.  His debut work, AS HAPPY AS LING was a finalist in the 2012 International Latino Book Awards. In 2013, the release in paperback of HAPPY THAT IT'S NOT TRUE was named one of the best novels of the year by the Latina Book Club.  He is a judge in the 2014 National Association of Hispanic Publications' José Martí Awards.  Carlos lives in Sunrise, Florida with his wife Jean. Visit him at
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