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BLOG TOUR: POLI: A MEXICAN BOY IN EARLY TEXAS by Jay Neugeboren (& Giveaway!)

The Latina Book Club is proud to be part of POLI's 25th Anniversary Blog Tour.  As a treat, we are giving away a copy of this young adult novel to one lucky reader.---mcf

"If a man forgets, he's in danger of dying." -- Poli Rodriguez

"It is my hope that POLI will inform—and inspire—young Hispanic men and women, while also educating readers everywhere, about the role this remarkable Mexican-American, José Policarpo Rodriguez." -- author Jay Neugeboren

Who would have thought that a classroom assignment would lead to the discovery of one of the earliest Mexican-American heroes of the 19th Century. 

Summary:  José Policarpo "Poli" Rodriguez is 10-years old in 1829 when he and his father leave Mexico and a life of indentured servitude to make a new life for themselves near San Antonio.    He grows up during the formative years of the State of Texas (1839-1846). 

At the heart of this book is Poli's friendship with a young Comanche brave named Eagle Blood.  The boys become blood brothers, but their friendship is tested again and again as the tensions between Indians, Mexicans and Anglos lead to war. 

Poli lived through two of history's biggest wars --Mexican-American War and the Civil War, and refused to take sides each time.  He stayed neutral but did take up arms to protect his town. 

During his long life, Poli had many jobs -- a guide, a surveyor, a hunter, a ranchman, a gunsmith, an Indian fighter, a Keeper of Camels for the U.S. Army, a Texas Ranger, an explorer and, lastly, a preacher. 

POLI: A MEXICAN BOY IN EARLY TEXAS is a quick read.  Readers of all ages --and Texas fans! -- will find it suspenseful, engaging, poignant, hair-raising, adventurous, and truly inspiring. 

GIVEAWAY!     Win a copy of this 25th Anniversary edition of POLI by leaving a comment below or by retweeting our post.  Good luck.###

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jay Neugeboren wrote POLI: A MEXICAN BOY IN EARLY TEXAS to critical acclaim in 1989.  It is now being reissued by Texas Tech University Press on its 25th anniversary.  Neugeboren is the award-winning author of 21 books. His stories have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, Black Clock, Ploughshares, Best American Short Stories, The O. Henry Prize Stories, and Penguin Modern Stories. His novel, 1940, was long-listed for the 2009 International Impac Dublin Literary Prize.  And, his most recent novel, THE AMERICAN SUN & WIND MOVING PICTURE COMPANY, was chosen as a Book of the Year Medalist by the Independent Publishers Association.  Learn more about this author at


Unknown said…
Glad to see more books about Latinos in early American History. I need to read this book.
Jen Greyson said…
SO fantastic! I'm excited about all of today's events!
Jenne said…
I really want to read this book!
Native NYer said…
Mercedes Cruz, you are a Winner! You've won a copy of POLI. Please email us at to receive your book. Congratulations!--mcf