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Join the Latina Book Club this week as we feature books with strong, courageous mothers. 
And remember our Book of the Month, THE CRUEL COUNTRY, another tale of the power of a mother's love. 
Happy Reading.  Happy Mother's Week.
"The point is, it doesn't matter that he doesn't have the best balance in the world, it doesn't matter that it doesn't sound right when he speaks sometimes, it doesn't matter that a wild child sometimes runs loose in his mind; with such a great and courageous spirit, being different doesn't matter." 

This is the most courageous and inspiring book I've ever read.  It's a beautiful table of a mother's determination to do what is best for her child in the face of incredible physical and spiritual obstacles.
A MIRACLE FROM GOD IN THE HANDS OF A MOTHER is written by Rocio Carrasquilla's youngest daughter.  Catalina shares with us the story of her mother and her brother Jimmy.  The family lived in Colombia, when Jimmy was a year old he suffered a severe reaction to the polio vaccine.  Overnight the healthy baby boy contracted cerebral palsy and woke up paralyzed.  Rocio proved to be "the most stubborn mother ever."  She hounded her son's doctor until he agreed to teach her the rehabilitation exercises her son desperately needed. She believed that as long as her son was disabled, her whole family --two older daughters and a husband-- were also disabled so she set out to make her son and her family well.  From then on, Rocio was on a mission to get her son to walk again and to become a full-functioning person, and everyone in the family helped.  Achievements were small and sometimes took years to achieve, but each one was celebrated. Today Jimmy can walk and talk, and has a full life filled with work and friends all thanks to his mother's stubbornness and her faith in God.
The author has done a great job in honoring her mother and brother.  Readers will be touched by this story, by this mother's strength and fortitude to protect her child.###

Note:  This book was chosen as a conversation book by Las Comadres and Friends National Book Club.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Catalina Prieto was born in Colombia in 1977. In 1999, she earned her degree in Business Administration at Universidad Tecnologia de Bolivar in Cartagena, Colombia, and went on to work as a business administrator at a family business dedicated to maritime shipping.  In 2007, she moved to the United States where she was a member of the New Jersey Air National Guard.  Although the literary world isn't part of her professional life, she is passionate about writing.  A MIRACLE FROM GOD IN THE HANDS OF A MOTHER is her first literary endeavor.