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White (light) only seems like a blank canvas, like shock, or a new slate, a void.  But it’s not. White is just the opposite, it’s really all colors locked in one. Separate by a prism, there it is, made visible, every single one, right in front of me.  Maybe white is the true color of mourning. And all I have to do is let the colors unfurl as they might, as they want to, and with whatever force, or pain, or joy.  This is the process, just like filling the canvas. ---Veronica

Shade Mountain Press
Lush. Vibrant. A masterful debut by Vanessa Garcia.

WHITE LIGHT is about art and life, love and loss, family and lovers.  Like a painting, this story is layered and colored by passions, dreams, nightmares, memories and emotions.   Readers will empathize with Veronica as she weathers the ups and downs of grief and success, which make the ultimate triumphs so much sweeter. 

SUMMARY:  Veronica Gonzalez is a Cuban-American artist on the cusp of success.  She is given a solo show at Basel, Miami’s renowned international art fair.  This is her chance to shine, to succeed, to finally make some real money, but inner doubts and fears have her feeling “lucky and empty” at the same time.  Then before she can get started, her father dies.  Suddenly, Veronica is plagued with grief and bitter memories of the tumultuous relationship with her father and the fact that they never patch things up.  And if that were not enough to crush her spirit, her lover splits up with her.  Torn, scared and frustrated, Veronica finds the strength to move out and into her father’s house, where she loses herself in a frantic frenzy of productivity.  And, with each brush stroke, each swirl of color, the hole in Veronica’s heart fills up, and slowly she comes to terms with her past, her present and her promising future.###

Born in Miami to Cuban-emigré parents, Vanessa Garcia is a multidisciplinary writer and artist whose paintings and installations have been exhibited throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Her most recent plays include The Cuban SpringGrace, Sponsored by Monteverde; and The Crocodile's Bite. She is currently writing a memoir about American-born Cubans entitled OUR CUBAN ROUTES. WHITE LIGHT is her first novel published by Shade Mountain Press.  Learn more about this talented artist, playwright and author at


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