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Many thanks to the MCCBD creators Mia and Valarie for including The Latina Book Club in their lineup.  
We strongly believe in diversity in schools, on TV and 
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Publisher: Making Spirits book at a time

I love chocolate milk.  In fact, every Wednesday it is my ritual to visit my local Farmer’s Market and buy a pint of chocolate milk from the Ronnybrook Farm.  It is so rich and creamy. It’s like drinking a chocolate bar.  I also love making hot chocolate by melting pieces of a Cortés Sweet Chocolate Bar in Carnation evaporated milk.  Yum.

Hence, I was very pleased to receive a copy of CHOCOLATE MILK, POR FAVOR! by Maria Dismondy to review for Multicultural Children’s Book Day, January 27. 

It is a beautiful and touching story of inclusion, diversity and empathy.  As Maria Dismondy puts it: “It is about how actions speak louder than words!”  Children of all ages will enjoy this wonderfully written and illustrated book. 

SUMMARY:  CHOCOLATE MILK, POR FAVOR!, Maria Dismondy’s sixth book, is based on the real life experience of one of her first graders.  Gabe doesn't speak any English when his family moves to the U.S. and enrolls him in school.  Yet despite the language barrier, Gabe makes friends and is soon playing with the other kids.  It is his classmate Johnny who has the problem. Johnny can’t understand why the other kids are playing with Gabe when he can’t even talk. He steers clear until he notices how Gabe comes to school every day, and though he doesn’t speak, he is willing to learn new things.  Then one day Johnny sees Gabe performing a soccer move that he has been struggling to master.  He is surprised when Gabe offers to show him the move using hand gestures.  Soon Johnny realizes what all the other kids had already realized -- that language is not the only way to communicate, and that to have a friend one must first be a friend.###

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Maria Dismondy is an award-winning author, specializing in books about challenges children face. A topic close to her heart, Maria’s own childhood experience inspired her first book, SPAGHETTI IN A HOT DOG BUN.  Her dedication to empowering children with courage and confidence has reached new heights, touching the hearts and hand of children the world over. As a sought-after speaker, Maria spreads her message by presenting at schools and conferences across the country. She holds degrees in education and child development. Maria lives in southeastern Michigan with her husband and three book-loving children.  Visit her at

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