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Grieve. But let your grief be your process, not your address.—Pastor Taylor

I should be on Prozac, but I’m on prayer instead.—Karen Valentin

Publisher: Faith Words
Karen Valentin’s new book—THE MOTHER GOD MADE ME TO BE—is poignant, tearful, hopeful and empowering.

She married her best friend Gavin. He had doubts the day before the wedding but it could have been nerves. It wasn’t.  Three years and two boys later, he asked for a divorce.  It took two years for the divorce to become final, and during that time Karen drowned in heartache, loneliness and responsibility.

But with a strong faith in God and the help of family and friends–including Gavin’s mother and sisters—Karen was able to provide for her sons.  She found a good job, and best of all, she found her voice and began singing and writing again. 

It took a while, but Karen soon realized that she was not a victim of her ex’s choices, he was.  She had two great, adventurous boys, family, friends, a good job, a new budding career and faith in a loving God.  She had no room for hate.

She celebrated her divorce with a trapeze jump.  Some called it celebrating her freedom, but Karen knew that she was celebrating her strength, her faith and her resolved to live life on her terms, and to be the best mother God made her to be.###

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BOOK SUMMARY:  THE MOTHER GOD MADE BE TO BE is Karen Valentin's  journey from Newlywed, to Mother of two, to a single mom trying to heal. With humor, honesty, and raw emotion, Karen tugs at the reader's heart with vivid details of the joys of motherhood, the struggles of romance, the disappointments of life and the restoration from a loving God. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Karen Valentin is an American born writer who is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage. Her books, ranging from narrative, to YA fiction and children's--have been published by Doubleday Religious, Judson, Harlequin and Just Us/Kensington. She is a graduate of Fordham University and taught English as a second language in France. An avid traveler who speaks English, Spanish and French, she resides in New York City with her two little boys.  Visit her at