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The Latina Book Club wishes all our readers a
Happy New Year!

We began 2017 talking about creativity and purpose. We have let our imaginations take flight literally, and what better way then featuring an excerpt from Esther M. Soto’s new time traveling romantic suspense novel, BREAK MY HEART. But, first let’s meet the woman herself and find out whom she thinks is the Best Latin Lover in the world.

Q:  What is the most romantic gift you have ever given?
ESTHER SOTO:  Married to an engineer, most of my gifts are of practical nature. But I did surprise him once with a weekend getaway about 20 minutes away from home. It was pretty romantic. ;-). 

Q:  Who is your favorite Latin Lover? You can pick two. 
ESTHER:  That's Easy: My hubby! He's more than that. He's my best friend, my companion, my everything. As a writer, I do use pictures for inspiration, and one of those is Ryan Guzman. He's my muse for Rafael Reyes in the Heart Series. 

Q:  Your book is a time travel romantic suspense. If you could go back in time, what era would you go back to? And, would you like to stay or just visit? 
ESTHER:  I should love to go back to 1700s Scotland highlands! I'd visit, but not stay...I'm quite fond of gender equality and modern conveniences.  


By Esther M. Soto

As I slowly come to, warmth cocoons me, pushing away the panic. It takes me a minute to sort my thoughts, realize I’m in my bed, and Tommy is wrapped around me.

He’s holding on to me, keeping me from disappearing. I’ve never been so grateful for his presence, my heart bursting with joy.

“Hey,” he says huskily, his breath warming the back of my neck. My jolt must have stirred him awake. His strong arms anchor me, his frame engulfing mine. I don’t need to speak. Instead, I turn to face him without breaking our contact.

Burying my face in his neck, I inhale his scent. It rejuvenates me, the trip to Miami a bad dream.

This is heaven, right in Tommy’s arms. “You’re home,” I whisper, afraid the world might hear us.

“I missed you so much. I’m sorry I can’t stay long,” he whispers back, both afraid to disturb our own private haven right here in the darkness of my bedroom.

I raise my gaze up to his. Shadows dance over his features, sway around his beautiful emerald eyes. Pure love and affection pour over me.

Right now, in this moment, I am this man’s entire world, and he is mine.###

Excerpt is printed by permission. All rights reserved by author.

Order your copy of BREAK MY HEART by clicking here.

Book Summary:  Ileana Harper is focused on her future with Tommy Colton, the man she fought so hard to get back to, but not everything is at it seems. Unable to confide in Tommy, Ileana holds tight to her last shred of sanity, struggling with inner demons that could jeopardize their relationship and her career with the FBI. Through it all, Ileana is intent on moving onward and never looking back. Too bad the past won’t stay in the past.  This is book 2 of The Heart Series.

About the Author:  Esther M. Soto grew up on the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico before meeting and marrying her soul mate. A former military wife, she is the mother of three boys, an explorer, avid reader, communications professor, knowledge hound, and Netflix junkie. An Army Mom at heart, Esther now resides in Florida where she teaches communication studies and writes about love, romance, fantasy, and life.  Visit her at and on:
Twitter: @emsotoauthor
Instagram: @emsotoauthor
Pinterest: @emsotoauthor