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The Grid….This mystical understanding of everything known to man, only comparable to the opening of my pores, melting and understanding everything that surrounds me in the way we understand our own skin. Pantheism, non-dualistic mind. A body without organs. I’ve suddenly become everything and yet, at the same time, much better than everything else.

La Casita Grande
The Latina Book Club congratulates Fernando Sdrigotti on his debut novel!

Even though March is Women’s History Month, we have chosen a book of the month that is all about men.  (The book cover says it all!)

Sdrigotti’s DYSFUNCTIONAL MALES is a gritty and exciting collection of five stories set in contemporary London.  This collection is full of contradictions.  It’s at once ridiculous yet significant; light yet dark; irrelevant yet insightful; toxic yet energizing. 

Men are different. They obsess over video games, sex, drugs, wanking off.  But in bursts of clarity, they do contemplate the reason for their existence, their homosexuality, their death.  

These characters enjoy the anonymity of London and may be on a “journey towards disappearance.” Sdrigotti invites us to meet the meditative coke-head; the bisexual; the loner; the patient; the lover; and challenges us to look beyond the surface, the stereotypes, and see their fear, their loneliness, their disjointedness underneath.  These are young men one would meet at a bar or on a train.  They could be a friend, a coworker, a neighbor, a brother—all worthy of our attention and our regard.

READ AN EXCERPT, click here.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Fernando Sdrigotti was born in Rosario, Argentina, and has lived in London since the early noughties. His fiction and critical writing have appeared widely online and in print. DYSFUNCTIONAL MALES is his first book in English.  Visit him at

MEET THE AUTHOR IN LONDON!  Book signing, March 30 at 19:00 at The Plough, 27 Museum Street, Bloomsbury.