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Algonquin Young Readers 

 “The goal is to get to the heart.” 

 “The desert has a way of erasing the things that make us each unique.”

 “We do not kid ourselves in the desert: life is hard here, even in the best of circumstances.”


Captivating. Mysterious. Nightmarish. Magical.

Samantha Mabry’s new book, ALL THE WIND IN THE WORLD, is a stunning mixture of magical realism and romantic suspense. It was selected for the National Book Award longlist; a 2017 BookExpo YA Editors’ Buzz Book; a Fall 2017 Indie Next Pick; and now Latina Book Club’s Book of the Month.

SUMMARY:  Set in the desert fields in Texas, ALL THE WIND IN THE WORLD is the story of two lovers in desperate straits, who will do anything and everything to protect their love and escape their meager existence. 

Sarah Jac and James are transient jimadors/ farm workers in the maguey fields in New Mexico. The desert winds and dirt both polishes their skins to a shine, even as they erase all that makes the workers individuals. The lovers dream of leaving the desert and buying a small ranch near the ocean, but a tragic accident has them fleeing for their lives, towards the cursed Real Marvelous Ranch in Texas.

Life as jimadors is hard, and has taught Sarah Jac and James to hide their love because it can be used against them – to hurt them, blackmail them or separate them. At the Real Marvelous Ranch, all their nightmares come true.  The lovers are faced with a tough boss, a harsher land, superstitious workers and scheming scoundrels eager to separate them.  Soon jealousy, lies and betrayal split the couple. Their love and dreams are shattered by fears and doubts, but when all hope is gone, their love will burn with an energy that will destroy all evil and set them free. 

BOOK COVER! The cover for this book is also stunning and worth mentioning. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this cover is gorgeous and portrays the story perfectly. One can see the desert, the lovers and even the wind if you look closely enough.  The wind that eases away sad memories and can make one happy. Overall, ALL THE WIND IN THE WORLD is a wondrous read and would make a great Holiday gift.  Hint. Hint. 

EXCERPT! Read an excerpt of Samantha Mabry’s new novel courtesy of Bustle by clicking here.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Samantha Mabry credits her tendency toward magical thinking to her Grandmother Garcia, who would wash money in the kitchen sink to rinse off any bad spirits. She teaches writing and Latino literature at a community college in Dallas, where she lives with her husband, a historian, and a cat named Mouse. She is the author of A FIERCE AND SUBTLE POISON and ALL THE WIND IN THE WORLD. Visit her online at or on Twitter: @samanthamabry.