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Anger doesn’t just disappear. It bubbles along, it surfaces in different ways. You try not to feel it every waking minute. You learn to live with it.---Averil

In the midst of life we are in death.---from a prayer

Jaded Ibis Press
At Last!  Women are speaking out against abuse in Hollywood, on TV….everywhere.   
The Latina Book Club salutes the silence breakers and the survivors.  Hence, when this “brilliant, moving novel” –KINGDOM OF WOMEN by Rosalie Morales Kearns– crossed our path, we were intrigued by its title and its exploration of violence against women.

KINGDOM OF WOMEN is a suspenseful, provocative, and captivating debut novel.

Rosalie Morales Kearns has written a bold and fantastic futuristic novel with realistic characters, fast-paced action and enough surprises to keep readers riveted.  Kearns puts her Catholic school upbringing to good use in this book.  It’s peppered with scripture and saints-name-dropping but not so much that the religious nuances disturb the story. We have a female priest, a revolution, and violent battle between the sexes. Many have wondered what the world would be like if women ran things, Kearns gives us one radical scenario.

SUMMARY:  In the near future, women will be priests; North Dakota will have seceded from the United Stations to form Erda, a republic of women; and around the world women will form vigilante groups to fight back against their male oppressors / rapists. 

At the heart of the revolution is Averil Parnell, one of the first female priests ordained by the Roman Catholic Church and the sole survivor of a gunman’s massacre of that first female graduating class.  15 Years later, the Church has banished Averil to a small parish for she’s become a symbol and a beacon for angry women everywhere.  The FBI believes she’s involved with the vigilantes; the Church wants her to confess to being a co-conspirator; while the female assassins see her as the living symbol of their cause, their saint.  Meanwhile, all Averil wants is to be left in peace to run her small church, plant her garden and come to terms with the religious visions plaguing her and the conversations with dead monks.  But the battle of the sexes becomes a reality, and Averil is suddenly thrust into a war where women refuse to turn the other cheek and where forgiveness is a moral failure.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Rosalie Morales Kearns, a writer of Puerto Rican and Pennsylvania Dutch descent, is the founder of Shade Mountain Press, the author of the magic-realist story collection VIRGINS AND TRICKSTERS, and the editor of the short story anthology THE FEMALE COMPLAINT: TALES OF UNRULY WOMEN. A product of Catholic schooling from kindergarten through college, Kearns has a B.A. in theology from Fordham University and an MFA from the University of Illinois. Visit her at