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 We are taught in church that there is a HEAVEN and HELL.
When we die, we end up in one or the other.
But, after what I’ve seen and done in my life, I beg to differ.
Yes, there is a HEAVEN, a place of wonderment and joy.
We go there either right after death or 100 years after.
It just depends on what good deeds we’ve done on EARTH.
HELL doesn’t exists after death. Why not?
‘Cause HELL is here on EARTH among the living.
Just ask me how I know!        
                                           – Angelina Rivera

The Latina Book Club congratulates author Maria Hernandez on the debut of her Trapped series, and the birth of a new bold, confident, Latina heroine on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. 

We selected TRAPPED because it’s a dark romance and this is February, the month of Valentine’s and Galentine’s Days.  And, this novel is full of passion, sex and female empowerment.   

Readers will enjoy reading about Angelina’s and Daryl’s doomed love affair.  Hernandez brings “El Barrio” to life in her book.  She does a wonderful job of making the characters realistic and the setting authentic.  We can see those mean streets and these two lovers in Harlem. That realism, plus the unexpected plot twists, murder and suspense, will keep readers riveted until the surprising ending.

TRAPPED is a great cross between urban fiction, a romance, a mystery and a telenovela.  We were reminded of the movies Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Fatal Attraction, and the telenovela La Reina del Sur.  Plus, that cover is perfect.  It’s sexy and mysterious and powerful just like our heroine by the end.  We eagerly await the release of Hernandez’ second book, TRAPPED 2. We can’t wait to meet the new Angelina.

SUMMARY:  Lust, Betrayal and Murder!

Angelina Rivera is a 40-something, twice-divorced Latina, who left the mortgage broker business to return to Harlem and the Taft projects to care for her sickly mother. One hard day, Angelina runs into Daryl Jones, a sexy ex-drug dealer, ex-con turned author, and their lives are changed forever.

She’s nine years older than him, but he is a gentleman with a honey tongue and hard body. He cherishes her and trusts her to help him run his new publishing company, Mo’ Money Publications.  She turns him into a local sensation, and his sales sky rocket.

Angelina feels like she’s found the man of her dreams, but Daryl only sees her as a moneymaker.  He’s a playa and is bored with her.  He doesn’t want Angelina, but he needs her. So he’ll make love to her and whisper sweet nothings, while behind her back he connects with his old crowd and starts seeing a ho named DeeDee and her D-cups.

Daryl never considers that DeeDee might want him for herself and will do anything to get rid of her rival. Soon Angelina’s world is shattered with Daryl’s betrayal and DeeDee’s pregnancy.  And, the bad news continues when DeeDee is murdered and Daryl is arrested. 

It will take a lot of tears, soul searching and hard-won strength for Angelina to finally regain her confidence and be her own woman ready to embark on a new life with a new man at her side.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Maria Hernandez is an author of Puerto Rican descent born and raised in East Harlem, NY. Growing up in Taft Projects on 115th Street, she would often let her imagination flow freely with tales and story lines that transported her imagination into a world of mystery, romance and action-adventures in faraway lands.  As an adult, Ms. Hernandez re-discovered her passion for writing and wanted to include her beloved “El Barrio” into her first novel, so she began writing on her spare time and soon after, her first novel was born. TRAPPED has created a great fan base for this author because her readers relate to the reality her characters bring.  Every joy, tear and heartbreak can be felt on each page, and its plot twists are riveting. To learn more about this author and her series, visit her at



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