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It takes courage to really look inside yourself and ask the “spiritual you” what you want and what it is that’s stopping you from achieving your dreams. Is it the fear of failure, fear of success, lack of focus, childhood issues, not being good enough or is it something hidden deep within? On this journey of transformation, you must want to feel whole and complete. You have to prepare to add passion and believe in yourself deep in your soul.  So, you can continue to move forward to your place of fulfillment. –Ivette Mayo

Short, fierce and very POWERful. 

Ivette Mayo’s book – A 30-Day Guide to Your POWER: Powerful Outcomes through Powerful Words – challenges you to look deep – Deeper! – into yourself and to step into your POWER.   Yes, all in caps.

Ivette leads readers into a journey of self-discovery, of self-analysis, of self-awareness.   She encourages you to change the “decades of negativity”; to shed the old and look forward to the new; to step into your POWER.  How?  By completing an S.W.O.T. Analysis – listing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Once you have gone through this deep analysis, once you are truly aware of your inner thoughts and desires, you can change your habits, your rituals, for better ones. 

“You have the power to change your feelings and thoughts about yourself!” states Ivette. 

Whether you write in Ivette’s POWER guide or in a sparkling new journal, the objective is to begin your POWER Ritual by writing down daily i-ffirmations© that will strengthen you physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Do this for 30-days. Start your personal journey.  Praise yourself and discover the real you. The daily i-ffirmations© are a beautiful way to start or even end your day.  Do not be afraid to meet the POWERful You.  S/he is beautiful. Good luck.  Buen viaje!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Ivette Mayo has been branded as the “POWER Coach” by her clients. This award winning entrepreneur, women’s POWER advocate, personal growth and leadership expert and business strategist believes in inspiring, encouraging and supporting her clients to be fearless and unyielding in their pursuit of creating valuable change and success.  Ivette is the owner of Yo Soy I AM, LLC, a personal development firm established in 2006.  Ivette’s high-energy style makes her a sought-out speaker at events on a variety of topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and empowerment.  She has spoken at events and conducted training for HR Block, JP Morgan Chase, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Prospanica, HACE and many other companies and organizations.  She is the Founder of POWR on Heels Network, a digital platform designed to encourage, empower and support women.  Ivette’s passion and purpose is to teach, spend time with her family and travel.  Visit her at
Facebook:  PowerOnHeelsNetwork

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