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In honor of Father’s Day, The Latina Book Club, has put together this short list of male authors.  
We selected a wide variety, from coming of age stories to political poems to dark thrillers.  
Great selections all.   Happy Reading.


LOVE by Matt de la Peňa (G.P. Putnam)
Written by a Newbery Medal winning author, this novel is about the love that surrounds us. As children we can see it, feel it, even taste it.  We lose that feeling as adults, but this beautifully illustrated picture book by Loren Long, brings those loving feelings back to life.

MAXIMILIAN AND THE LUCHA LIBRE CLUB: A Bilingual Lucha Libre Thriller by Xavier Garza (Cinco Puntos Press)
Book 3 in the series, has Max joining the Lucha Libre Club – a club for kids related to the luchadores. His friend Paloma is in it too, but it’s Cecilia who has captured Max’s young heart, no?

WHAT LANE?  by Torrey Maldonado (Nancy Paulsen Books / Penguin)
This native New Yorker and educator has written his third novel about a biracial boy learning to cope with racism and discovering the joys of true friendships.

THE CHAOS by Sergio Gomez (indie published)
Think I Am Legend meets Zombie Apocalypse.  Father and son seem to be the last survivors of an apocalyptic event. Then a message on the radio offers hope. But, can they reach that promised shelter before the creatures of the night get them.

RIO GRANDE FALL by Rudolfo Anaya (Open Road Media)
Set during the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, PI Sonny Baca, a 30-something from New Mexico, uses his spirit guides to help solve a murder by a dangerous cult.

WHEN ANGELS FALL by Manuel A. Melendez (indie published)
A thrilling suspenseful battle between good and evil. It’s about isolation, obsession, revenge and justice.  It’s about friends and lovers, angels and demons.

HOW TO LOVE A COUNTRY: POEMS by Richard Blanco (Beacon Press)
A timely collection of poems by the Presidential Inaugural Poet about America, a work in progress.