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The Latina Book Club wishes author Chantel Acevedo a Happy Book Birthday.  
The Muse Squad was released on July 7.  It’s Chantel's first middle grade book, and the first in a fantasy duology with a Cuban American heroine and diverse friends.

MUSE SQUAD is an ode to girl power.

Memorable. Magical. Moving. 

Think Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Disney’s Hercules, and you’ll get the idea behind Chantel Acevedo’s MUSE SQUAD.  The heroine is 11-year old Callie, who turns out to be a Greek muse with lots of raw power. Now, Callie and the others in the Muse Squad must learn to use their power responsibly.
SUMMARY:  Callie Martinez-Silva didn’t mean to turn her best friend into a pop star. But when a simple pep talk leads to miraculous results, Callie learns she’s the newest muse of epic poetry, one of the nine Muses of Greek mythology tasked with protecting humanity’s fate in secret.  Whisked away to Muse Headquarters, she joins three recruits her age, who call themselves the Muse Squad. Together, the junior muses are tasked with using their magic to inspire and empower—not an easy feat when you’re eleven and still figuring out the goddess within.

When their first assignment turns out to be Callie’s exceptionally nerdy classmate, Maya Rivero, the squad comes to Miami to stay with Callie and her Cuban family. There, they discover that Maya doesn’t just need inspiration, she needs saving from vicious Sirens out to unleash a curse that will corrupt her destiny.  As chaos erupts, will the Muse Squad be able to master their newfound powers in time to thwart the Cassandra Curse . . . or will it undo them all?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chantel Acevedo was born in Miami to Cuban parents. She is the acclaimed author of adult novels, including THE DISTANT MARVELS, which was a finalist for the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction, and she is also a professor of English at the University of Miami, where she directs the MFA program. MUSE SQUAD: THE CASSANDRA CURSE is her debut middle grade novel. Chantel lives with her personal Muse Squad, aka her family, in Florida. You can visit her online at