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What is La Navidad without Coquito?!

At my house there is always coquito with the Christmas holidays.  They go together, like rice and beans.   This year, I am planning on attending a Coquito Tasting.  Why don't you join me this Saturday?

El Museo del Barrio and the International Coquito Federation host their 9th Annual Coquito Tasting Contest on Saturday, December 18.  Special guest: comedian Victor Cruz, and music will be performed by the Trio de New York.

The Tasting is FREE and runs from 6:30-9:00pm.  First come, first served!

BRING ID.   Yes, really.

The program schedule is as follows:

             6:30-- Tasting begins
             7:45--Music performance
             8:30--winners announced
             8:45--More Music

No drinking and driving so grab a cab or hop the train.

For more info on the Coquito Tasting, visit El Museo del Barrio at

Hope to see you there!---mcf

CREDIT:  Photo from El Museo del Barrio's site.