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CONQUISTADORA: Esmeralda Santiago

Best known for her memoir, WHEN I WAS PUERTO RICAN, Esmeralda Santiago conquered the crowded events room last night at the 86th Street Barnes and Noble.

Esmeralda began her book tour for CONQUISTADORA in Puerto Rico last week. If you missed her last night, not to worry she will be back. Esmeralda will be at the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 18, and at El Museo del Barrio on September 28. For more information on Esmeralda visit her on

Below are pictures from last night’s booksigning.  Esmeralda was happy to take pictures with me and my fellow Comadres, as she is a comadre herself.  (For more information on Las Comadres, visit

And do come back on August 1, for our review of CONQUISTADORA. ---mcf

Comadres Julia, Raquel, Esmeralda, Maria.

Esmeralda speaking about new book.

Store sign.


Maria, can you tell me how to contact you regarding a book for review on your blog?
It was a great night! I remember seeing you ladies there.