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Book of the Month: PARISIAN PROMISES by Cecilia Velástegui

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved. – George Sand

To love profoundly means both to soar and to dive. – Serge

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American girls in search of amour and adventure in Paris, the City of Love, is a popular and much beloved theme. Author Cecilia Velástegui has taken an old theme and given it a new life.   

PARISIAN PROMISES is a sensual, suspenseful and satisfying novel and our February Book of the Month.  The characters are passionate; the setting authentic (it’s Paris, the center of the world!); and the action quick with nail-biting suspense. 

SUMMARY:  Set amid the tumultuous era of the 1970s, when radical insurgent groups plot social upheaval and guerrilla warfare at the Sorbonne, our naïve heroine arrives in Paris thirsty for romance and excitement, and gets more than she ever imagined.

A California girl more at home with horses than people, Monica secretly hopes to find her “true love” in Paris; what she gets is Jean-Michel, a Che-lookalike who’s really a sadistic terrorist preying on the innocent.  He casts a hypnotic spell on her, and using sex and drugs isolates her from her friends, and tries to break her to do his bidding.  She manages to get away from him, and with the help of her landlady – a former member of the French Resistance – escapes to the country where she meets the gentle Christophe, the young Viscount  Les Charmilles. 

Monica falls under love’s spell again.  She and her new amour enjoy walks in the country and long nights wrapped in each other’s arms until the abusive Jean-Michel finds her.  He imprisons her until she agrees to deliver one little thing for him – a bomb.  Again, Monica escapes and runs back to Paris with both lovers right behind her: one wants to reconcile, the other wants her life.  All are helpless to stop the final confrontation, when this lover’s triangle concludes with an explosive, triumphant, romantic finale! 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Cecilia Velástegui received First Place from the International Latino Book Awards for her novels MISSING IN MACHU PICCHU (2013) and TRACES OF BLISS (2012).  GATHERING THE INDIGO MAIDENS (2011) was a finalist for the Mariposa Award.  Cecilia was born in Ecuador and raised in California and France.  She received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California; speaks four languages; and has travelled to sixty countries.  She lives in Monarch Beach, CA.  Visit her at

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