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The Latina Book Club congratulates Valerie Tejeda on the debut of her first YA novel. 
We are happy to be part of her first Blog Tour. 

Bloomsbury Publishing/ Spark

"Hunters are not made.  They are born."

Valerie Tejeda's debut novel is fun, fast-paced and fantastic. 

The Latina Book Club interviewed Valerie last Fall and we learned how the premise for this book began with a dream about Marilyn Monroe being killed by a witch.  Now, after months of waiting, the book is out and we are thrilled. 

HOLLYWOOD WITCH HUNTER is a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Men In Black.  We devoured it in one sitting, and could not put it down.  Our teenage heroine may not be on the cheer squad, but this California girl is smart, sassy and has killer instincts.

SUMMARY:  Iris Maria Bently hunts witches bent on retaining their youth by sacrificing the beautiful, shallow women of southern California.  She carries a gold knife and has a car filled with all the bells and whistles needed to take on a coven of witches.  While Iris is happy to join her father and brother on the hunt, she also has three strikes against her.  She's 16, Colombian and the only girl ever to be born a hunter. When a young starlet is sacrificed on her watch, it's only a matter of time before the Ruling Board kicks her off the team.  Iris' life becomes even more complicated when she meets Arlo Green, a reluctant recruit who prefers music to hunting and is too sexy for words.  Then there's Silos, a cute peace-loving warlock who shares her visions of pending doom and who turns out to be a great kisser.  And to top it off she becomes frenemies with some of the local witches.  When a rash of killings hits Hollywood, Iris seems to be the only one who senses a greater evil at work.  She doesn't expect the betrayal of a loved one, nor the sacrifice she will have to make to save hunters and witches alike.

Click here for our interview with Valerie Tejeda last Fall.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Entertainment journalist and author Valerie Tejeda spends her days reporting on books, television, and all things pertaining to pop culture, and spends her nights writing novels for teens.  Her stories have appeared on a variety of different publications, including Vanity Fair, MTV, The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Latina, Yahoo! Shine, Cosmopolitan, and more.  Valerie holds a B.A. in psychology, and is currently based in Northern California with her husband, where she reads loads of books, binge-watches Netflix, and drinks tons of Peets coffee.  HOLLYWOOD WITCH HUNTER is her debut novel.  Find Valerie at: