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 Happy Day of the Dead.

The Latina Book Club has been counting down all this week with great books celebrating the dark and mysterious, 
but today we celebrate our loved ones who have passed away.
Happy Reading.  And always, Read Latino!  

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Arte Publico Press
THE REMEMBERING DAY / EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is a three-hanky book. Be prepared to cry happy tears.  This is Pat Mora’s take on the origins of El Dia de los Muertos and why it is such an important day and not just another excuse to paint sugar skulls on your face.

Endearing. Emotional. Enjoyable.

No matter what age you are or if you are Mexican, Puerto Rican, American, European, Chinese, et al, we all have someone we have loved and lost. Remember them. Recall a wonderful memory and celebrate that love which lives forever in your heart.   

Book Summary:  Long, long, long ago, Bella and her grandmother Mamá Alma admired their vegetable garden. They liked gardening together. They grew sunflowers and lilies too, and chatted with lizards and hummingbirds. They walked around the flowers and vegetables holding hands, something they had done frequently since Bella was a baby. As her grandmother aged, Bella helped her to walk. “Every year, I need your help more and more,” said Mamá Alma.
In this special bilingual picture book for children, author Pat Mora creates an origin myth in which she imagines how the Mexican custom of remembering deceased loved ones—El día de los muertos or the Day of the Dead—came to be. With tender illustrations by Robert Casilla that depict Bella and Mamá Alma’s loving relationship, this book will encourage children to honor loved ones, whether by writing stories and poems or creating their own remembering place.

About the Author:  Pat Mora is an award winning bilingual author and poet. Best known for her children’s books, her newest is REMEMBERING DAY: EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. Pat is a literacy advocate and founder of Children’s Day, Book Day / El Dia de los Niňos which has been celebrated in April for the past 20 years. Learn more about this amazing author at