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Timing--everything always came down to timing. It seemed to her that her timing had always been off. Not crazy off, just that extra millisecond that pushed everything either too early or too late. And now, she understood that it was too late....she couldn't even bear to go through with the whole charade of her life any longer.----Alex Moreno

Koehler Books
Captivating and Original. ALL THAT GLITTERS is a well-written rags-to-riches tale, with a quick pace and engaging characters. The novel was inspired by Jackie Collins’ Hollywood sagas and Treviño’s five-year stint as a script girl in L.A.

Alexandria Moreno is a powerful, complex heroine, who is any and every woman. She represents woman’s thirst to excel and determination to shape her own destiny.  We love that Alex is flawed but courageous; selfish but loyal; scarred but free.  We love the sexy cover; it’s so Audrey Hepburn-ish. And, best of all we love that this is book 1 of a forthcoming Hollywood trilogy.  This is definitely a writer and series to watch!

SUMMARY:  Hollywood or Bust!  It’s the 1980s and Alexandria Moreno has had enough of Texas. Her brother and beloved mother are dead so she sets out to L.A. to make her Hollywood dreams come true.  Armed with a smart mouth and a bad attitude, Alex and her BFF Ellie hit the road. Times are rough for two penniless girls, and a person can get lost in the big city. Then opportunity knocks and Alex gets her shot and a job for Hollywood’s hottest producer. It’s a rough climb to the top and not everyone will lend a helping hand. Alex gets one from Australian heartthrob Jamie Douglas. The actor is welcoming and super-hot, and very much married. For once the love-them-and-leave-them Alex plays by the rules and keeps her hands off.  While her career climbs, friends are left behind and Alex loses herself in the arms of different men and different vices.  Suddenly, she is on top of the world, with two Oscars, a sadistic lover, no family, no friends and no purpose. She has sacrificed everything and everyone in her life. Her blind ambition has brought about her self-destruction. But this feisty Latina refuses to give up, and come what may, she will fight for a new future and a new destiny.###

Read an excerpt from ALL THAT GLITTERS by clicking here.

About the Author:  Liza Treviño hails from Texas, spending many of her formative years on the I-35 corridor of San Antonio, Austin and Dallas.  In pursuit of adventure and a Ph.D., Liza moved to Los Angeles where she compiled a collection of short-term, low-level Hollywood jobs like script girl, producer assistant and production assistant.  Her time as a Hollywood Jane-of-all-trades gave her an insider's view to a world most only see from the outside, providing the inspiration for creating a new breed of Latina heroine.  Learn more about Liza at