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THE LATINA KAMA SUTRA now available!

THE LATINA KAMA SUTRA: The Ultimate Guide to Dating, Sex & Erotic Pleasures by Dr. Charley Ferrer THE LATINA KAMA SUTRA is not just a sex manual. It's a book about dating, about the Latina woman's image, about knowing thyself, about being sexy, about playing with boys and playing with yourself. It's kinky and funny and educational. A must for every woman's sensual library! A NOTE FROM DR. CHARLEY: Amigas, THE LATINA KAMA SUTRA is now available and you can order it through PayPal's secure server. Visit our website to order your copy today. Be one of the first to order and you will be entered to win a Romantic Weekend Getaway in the Poconos, a Cruise for Two in our upcoming Kinky at Sea event on April 2006, or a free gift from one of our promoters, such as a set of Nipple Jewelry by Nipple Huggers, a video on becoming Orgasmic, lotions, toys, and much more. Every purchase gives you a chance to win. To order your copy today and rec


by Angie Cruz Simon and Schuster ISBN 0-7432-1203-7 What starts off as a my father-in-law-is-living-with-us-and-wrecking-our-lives book conceals many political, revolutionary secrets. LET IT RAIN COFFEE is at times poignant and stark, and at other times sweet and innocent. The heady blend will keep readers turning pages. Questions to discuss: 1) Is Esperanza stuck in the past or is Don Chan? 2) How harmless is Don Chan? 3) Who is Miraluz and how important is she to the story? 4) What do you think of Mrs. Hernandez? does she love her husband? 5) Did Bobby and Hush really have a chance?


By Daniel Chavarria Translation by Carlos Lopez Akashic Books ISBN 1-888451-165 “Alicia was the most seductive bicycle hooker in all of Havana.” And with a little help from her Mami, Alicia prowls for a rich husband that can take her away from an impoverish Cuba under U.S. embargo. So what is a girl to do but take matters –and other things! – into her own hands. This book is populated with colorful characters all having great sex – from Alicia to ocean salvagers to European businessmen with fetishes of their own. It’s funny, enchanting and titillating. I read it in two days. I couldn’t put it down, and not just because of the sex but because of the murder too. Questions to Discuss: 1) Describe the mother and daughter relationship in this book. 2) Did you agree with Alicia's career choice? 3) How soon did you know Elizabeth's true identity?


By Michael Jaime-Becerra Rayo Books ISBN 0-06-055963-2 A captivating collection of short stories about family, friends, colleagues and strangers that like ripples in the water touch each other’s lives for good and bad. Loving, disturbing but all realistic stories that will keep readers at the edge of their seats. Questions to discuss 1) Which was your favorite story? 2) Who was your favorite character? 3) Did you see the continuity within this book?

BORDER-LINE PERSONALITIES: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass & Cultural Shifting

Edited by Robyn Moreno & Michelle Herrera Mulligan Rayo Books ISBN 0-06-058076-3 Author Julia Alvarez calls them “sassy, hard-hitting and soulful essays” and that is exactly what this collection is. Twenty Latinas share poignant stories about their lives. Some are about first love, rebellion, family, politics, sex, adultery, religion, etc. All are about Latina empowerment and taking control of one’s destiny. Contributing authors include Angie Cruz, Jackie Guerra, Nelly Rosario, Lynda Sandoval and Laura Trujillo. TO DO: Write an essay about a turning point in your life.

FRIDAY NIGHT CHICAS: Sexy Stories from La Noche

By Mary Castillo, Caridad Pineiro, Berta Platas and Sofia Quintero St. Martin’s Griffin ISBN 0-312-33504-0 From New York to Los Angeles, from Chicago to Miami, here are four novellas about today’s Latina women and how they deal with dating, marriage, friendship and sex. This is Latina chick lit at its best! Share them with your amigas! Questions to discuss: 1) Can you see yourself in any of these characters? 2) Who was your favorite Chica?

AROUND THE BLOC: My Life in Moscow, Beijing and Havana

By Stephanie Elizondo Griest Villard Books ISBN 0-8129-6760-7 Stephanie Griest leaves home to pursue a career as a foreign correspondent. And so begins her journey from Texas to Russia to China to Cuba and back again. Stephanie’s memoir is funny, sassy and brutally honest. We share her experiences as she volunteers at a children’s shelter in Moscow, works for a Chinese propaganda office in Beijing, and belly dances among the rumba queens in Havana. To learn more about this extraordinary young woman, visit her website


by Esmeralda Santiago Like the latest installment of the Harry Potter series, Esmeralda Santiago’s third memoir has also been eagerly awaited. Fans met the young Esmeralda in WHEN I WAS PUERTO RICAN, which documented her trip from Puerto Rico to New York. Now, Esmeralda is 20 and in love. She runs away from home with her Turkish Lover, a man 20 years her senior. For the next seven years, her world will revolve around his. She will forsake family and friends for her lover’s sake, until one day she begins to realize that she has needs of her own and desires of her own that he cannot comprehend. And so Esmeralda is reborn and freed. Questions to discuss: 1) Do you think Esmeralda was abused by her lover? 2) How would you describe Esmeralda's relationship with her mother?